Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Well I had a cute post all ready for today...pics of the kids included. But of course Blogger is sucking and I can't upload my pictures! Those of you out there who blog under anything but Blogger, leave a comment, tell me about the system you use and the benefits/drawbacks. I'm so sick of Blogger. Of course I just got this great new template and would not want to lose it by switching!!

Okay, so now I have to blog about something else...here goes..

If you dont know already we're planning on moving soon. Rentals are hard to come by in this town. Either you pay an arm and a leg for a nice house in town, or you pay what you can afford and get a crapper on the bad end of town. Now we're looking to pay no more than $700/mo. That is a lot of money for a rental, and to pay that and live in a house that sucks, is so not worth it. Right now we have a fairly nice house on a good end of town...but because our rent is average, we pay out the butt for utilities!! Our gas bill through the winter was higher than our rent.

Well, we looked at a house this weekend in an area that's about 15 minutes from town. It's a private community with a lake. To live there you pay member dues and get access to all three beaches, the indoor and outdoor pool and the golf course and club house. Now if you rent out there the dues are included in your rent. The nice part about living there is all the homes are nice and fairy affordable rent-wise. But the drawback is that you're 15 minutes from town(and that's just if you live near the front of the lake). It's more like 25 minutes if you live near the back side.

Okay, so we looked at a home there. It was nice, but too small for a family of 4. Turned out though, that the landlord was someone who W and I rented off of before Punk was born. He called last night to see what we thought of the house and W was honest and told him it was just too small. But he surprised us by offering us our old house back.

Now we loved that house, but it was even further than the lake from town. But we LOVED that house!!! I dont even remember why we moved...I think we were tired of the drive. After that surprise he double surprised us. Later in the year(we dont know when yet, he's calling Will later today) he will allow us to move into a 4 bedroom, 2 bath, 3 car garage, on 3 corner lots house at the lake. Now we wouldn't be ON the lake, but in that community. We're taking it!! W's going to find out later today how long it'll be until that house comes available. If it's only going to be a couple of months we'll just stay here, but if it isn't until spring then we'll move to our old house and then into the lake house.

Moving twice will suck. But to get an affordable NICE house with all the perks of living in that private lake community...that would be too cool!

Funny how things work out. I'm going to start packing this week. Theres a lot of stuff in this house that we dont need on a daily basis and to get a head start on the packing would be so nice!


Diana said...

Oh wow! That sounds so nice...I hope you guys can just move right into the community, because moving DOES suck.
God bless that man for offering that to you guys.

Babaloo said...

The 4 Bdr sounds great. Hope you get it sooner rather than later...Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

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