Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I'm so hoping that the people who used to read this blog will find me. I made a new blog and put this blog onto an archive site and then after months and months of being offline I decided I really wanted to go back to Mamaritaville. Unfortunatly, by that time someone else has scooped up my old site address (and is keeping their blog private, BTW) so here I am at http://myowndamnfault.blogspot.com instead of http://mamaritaville.blogspot.com.

Okay. That was boring. Let me give you a quick update before my 2 year old wakes up from her nap and demands my full attention. Let's see. Before I disappeared from this blog, I was *just* pregnant. Now that baby is 5 weeks old and a beautiful baby girl!

Say hello to Kayley!

Hayden and Tara are thriving. Hayden is now 3 1/2 and is loving his role as big brother. He's 100x more independent than he was before, which is good and bad. He's mastered Playhouse Disney Online and spends almost as much time on the computer now as I do. It's a source of conflict between us and he's already pushing for a computer of his own in his OWN room. Not gonna happen!

Tara is more of a diva than ever. She is into everything and since turning 2 at the beginning of the month has started to display major attitude. It's cute, sure. But it's always making me stay awake at night out of fear for the teenage years.

So for now that's that. I really have to go. I hope to be back blogging on at least a 2-3 day/week basis. Just this morning I was thinking I wasn't going to be blogging at all. But yet here I am...I hope to be around to everyone's blogs soon to let you know I'm back! :)


Kimberly said...

Wow!! How beautiful!! Congrats, Jen :) I was wondering where you went off to...and now I know. So glad you are back girl!

Tiff said...

Yeah!! You came back!! I'm so excited! Woo Hoo! My fav Bloggy friend is back!

Valerie said...

Thank god you are back! I missed you so much. The new baby is adorable!

Diana said...

WELCOME BACK! The baby is gorgeous, and Hayden and Tara are huuuuuge!

Anonymous said...


I hope you do find time to blog!

I missed you much and have added you back to my blogroll!


Valerie said...

ok woman you are back now blog about something!!!