Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The "Monster" Down The Hall

It's almost ten in the morning and I am still sitting here in my fleece "Frosty the Snowman" pajamas my husband got for my Christmas Eve gift. (No, I haven't been wearing them since last Wednesday!) I'm on my 6th or 7th cup of coffee, which I drink to give me a boost of motivation, and I still haven't moved from this spot. Two of the 3 kids are up and playing with one or another Christmas toy and the other is still in bed.

Why is it almost 10am and my darling baby girl is still sleeping. Because she is not sleeping through the night! She's almost a year and a half and has resorted back to her infant ways. It's exhausting. And when she wakes up..she refuses to go back to sleep without a bottle. A BOTTLE! The girl uses sippy cups and has been doing so for months now! But if you try to hand her one of those at 3am, she freaks. And if you do give her a bottle, but only give her water, she freaks. If you try to bypass the liquid all together and just hold her or pat her back...well I think there is a flash of evil that comes into her eyes.

I'm tired. My husband is tired. I can't seem to get motivated in the mornings to do anything other than sit and stare out the window. My husband has been late for work 2 of the 3 days he's gone in this week. The other two kiddos complain that Kayley is too loud at night. And where is Kayley in all of this misery? Sleeping in peacefully, while the rest of us are suffering.

Fun times, I tell ya!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Letters To Santa

My strange little children's letters to Santa:

Dear Santa Claus,

I want colorful bubbles and um, okay, and I also like a web shooter. Um, a new shirt, um, how about some new pants and some new pair of socks. I've been good this year. I like your reindeer.


I want a friend for Bunny.

Yes, I do know how to type. This is just EXACTLY how his letter was narrated to my mom last weekend when they worked on Christmas lists while Will and I were out shopping. Hayden told me when I read the letter that he included that he had been good to make sure that Santa brought him toys. And "Bunny", he's Hayden's lovey that he sleeps with every night. Aww! Oh and out of everything on his list..not that there's much(could have saved a few bucks if I had seen this first!) he did get his Spiderman Web Blaster. It was what he has been asking for since LAST Christmas!

Dear Santa,

I want a kitchen thing, I want flowers, I want a kitty and drink juice. I want a pee in the potty doll and bubbles, and that's all I need.

Your Friend,

I want a princess.

Tara got her pee in the potty doll, of course. The rest..well the kitty is coming after the tree goes down (and she knows this) and I could probably give her a cup of juice on Christmas morning and tell her Santa left it for her!

Dear Santa Claus,

I want a bottle, a teddy bear and a giraffe and duck. She would really like, how about, a little book for her. How about a elephant and that's all. I've been really good this year.

Kayley (narrated to Grammy by Hayden & Tara)

Hmm...she got her teddy bear, and a couple of books. The rest...well I dont have a shovel big enough to clean up elephant poop! Oh and she really HAS been good this year...except the temper tantrums.

Now this is what I would like for Christmas:

Dear Santa (otherwise known as Will),

I would like to sleep in every day this upcoming weekend. I would like you to make dinner (this includes meal planning and grocery shopping) for one week. I want 1 hour to take bubble bath every evening (before the kids go to bed!) for a month. I would like a gift certificate to a fancy salon to have my hair cut, colored, and eyebrows waxed. Might as well throw in a massage while you're at it. But what I would like most of a maid, a personal chef, and a nanny for 2 hours every afternoon so I can nap! That's all! I'm sure you can manage this!!

Love & Merry Christmas,

P.S. I'm getting you a carbon monoxide detector and a mailbox, if that helps you with finalizing your list!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Kisses For The Mailman

I think I need to do more selfless giving while my children are watching. You see, when we moved into this house we realized we didn't have a mailbox. Apparently the man who lived here before had always used a PO box. So..we have to install one. Our neighborhood is in a driving route, and to install a mailbox post, well it would be a bit of trouble with the frozen ground. So my husband talked to our mailman and he said he would just put our mail between our storm door and front door until we can get a box put in. Very nice of him!

Anyway, back to the selfless giving. So I was finishing some last minute Christmas cards and I made up a little goodie bag assortment of Hershey Kisses as a holiday "thank you" to our mailman. Well my kids were totally confused by this.

"What are you doing?"
"Is the mailman going to eat those?"
"Why does he get some of our candy?"
"I'm going to watch him out the window while he eats them!"
"Will he eat them on our porch?"
"What if he's not hungry?"

And it went on and on! Apparently, I am not doing a good enough job of teaching my children that it is the NICE thing to do to give people who are nice to us a little treat.

Hopefully today taught them a little something!

Although, right now they just seems confused and a little pissed that I've given away some of their candy!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Have A Good Day!

I was up, showered, dressed, with hair and makeup done by 7:05 this morning. This is about an hour earlier than usual. My husband leaves for work around 6:30am and the kids and I are usually up and getting dressed by 7:30-8am. Since moving into this house...lets just say I am now up as soon as my husband is out the door. Sometimes, like today, before that. Our bathroom is right next to our daughters' room and he always manages to wake up our 3 year old.

Now I know that he "tries" to be quiet. But I really think he could try harder. If he showered at night, that would eliminate a TON of noise. If he would not open the linen closet door to get his towel and washcloth out so loudly that it actually wakes me up and I'm down the hall, this would be a good thing. And if he wouldn't RIP OPEN the tape on boxes in the hall closet looking for his winter hat when he has a hood on his coat (like he did today) THAT would REALLY make me happy!

I was so mad this morning! I mean I know that he is up and going to work and I am still in bed so that's not totally fair. But if it's a problem for him and he wishes I would get up when he does, he just needs to ask. But waking up the kids so that I have to get up. Not cool. Of course I have no evidence that he does these things on purpose, but I have my suspicions. I personally don't mind getting up early. I'm not very pleasant in the mornings, but if there is hot coffee waiting for me in the kitchen, I can tolerate it (after about my 5th cup). But having a 3 year old awake before 7am, who is now refusing naps...well that just makes for a miserable day come about 2pm.

So Tara and I were up early. The other 2 slept in until after 8am. And Tara is already rubbing her eyes and crying behind the couch because "Hayden looked at her".

Thanks, honey! Hope YOU have a great day!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Greetings From Our New Home

Here I am? Were you wondering what happened?

We are all moved into our new home. We moved on the 6th. In the snow. It was hell. But so worth it!

We're getting unpacked and our house is coming together very nicely. We're decorated for Christmas. Major plus there! We just weren't "feeling it" until the tree went up. Now that we are we're freaked out because we have no gifts for the kids! I finally did sit down on Monday and order the items that either aren't available in the stores or were just too dang expensive. Amazon is my friend! That's for sure!

My 3 year old has been saying she wants a "pee in the potty doll" for weeks now. Unfortunately, the one she so desperately wants is $50 (at least) in the stores. It's the Little Mommy Gotta Go Doll. We just can not imagine spending $50 on something like that this year. But I found it on Amazon for $24.99 with free shipping and I snagged that real quick! Good thing because today it's up to $39.99! Strangely, it came in a box, without the actual packaging. Something about "frustration-free packaging" or whatever was enclosed. Made me a little mad, because I want that "WOW! LOOK WHAT I GOT!!" response when she opens it, instead of..."What? A cardboard box with a doll shoved in?" So now I have to decide if I want to set it up beside the tree unwrapped or set it up and cover it with some scrap wrapping paper. I just refuse to wrap her most wanted Christmas request up in a cardboard box...that's no fun!!

My 5 year old wants a Spiderman Web Blaster. I finally found the one I wanted and it actually was on sale! And I had a coupon code for 25% off! So cool! But I ended up paying OVER full price to get it here by Christmas because shipping was over $15. Oh'll be worth it right?

I figure, we only have a few precious years where our kids have a FULL belief in the jolly red elf. If we can afford to grant their most wanted requests, it's kind of our duty. Besides, Christmas morning is so magical, and it's so much more magical to see their eyes light up when the find the treasured toy they've asked for hidden under the tree wrapped up beautifully and awaiting their greedy little hands to play with them for 5 minutes and totally forget they ever got it before the clock strikes 12 on New Years Eve!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Yes I'm PMSing!

I haven't blogged in a few days because...I haven't had anything to say. I still dont, but I am determined to blog, so please, bear with me.

We're still waiting to close on our house. We should be doing it this week. But it's looking like it may not happen, thanks to our bank lady who's handling everything. She's gone from office until tomorrow. Our appraisal is done and is just waiting on underwriting. It's been waiting since last Wednesday, but like I said, our bank lady is out of the office. Who needs Thursday-Tuesday off for Thanksgiving? That's what I'd like to know. Seriously, getting pissed here. I want to move. More importantly, I want to decorate for Christmas. Brown cardboard boxes are not nearly as beautiful as a Christmas tree. And if I hear one more person talk about how they got their tree up and decorated over the weekend, I am going to scream! I'm highly considering just breaking and entering into our new home and putting a tree up and decorating. Maybe moving in a few boxes..beds..who would really care? It's empty. It's just waiting for us. It's all about formalities now.

To ease our impatience we decided to hit Lowes over the weekend to check prices on the upgrades we want to incorporate into our new home. Things like paint, a new front door, shutters, old-fashioned screen doors, dishwasher, shower for the basement, curtains, carpet, laminate wood flooring, new cabinets. You know, just little stuff. I didn't realize just how much the "little stuff" would actually cost. I have just one room I want to carpet. Our family room. I want plush, sink your toes in carpet in there. The kind of carpet that when you lay on it, you fall asleep. Of course with carpeting like that you need the good pad underneath it. I found exactly what I wanted. I was so excited. It wasn't even the top of the line stuff. I looked lovingly into my husband's eyes. "Please, can we get this once we move in. It's so perfect! It shouldn't cost that much to do just one room." He looked back at me with a smile that said; You simple-minded little fool. Then he said, "To carpet that one room with this exact carpet and padding, with me installing it and not paying for labor, it would cost over $1200." That was a shock! I had budgeted $1200-$1500 to put laminate flooring in our kitchen, dining room, living room and hallway. I thought that was expensive! But over $1200 for one room. I might have to scale back a bit on my "dream carpet". Either that or look into robbing a bank!

So now I am frustrated that I can't move into my house. Frustrated that I can't decorate for Christmas. Frustrated that I don't have bottomless pockets of money to do all the upgrading and decorating to my house the FIRST DAY we move in. Frustrated that the only options for me right now is to wait, be patient, try not to bite people's heads off when they look at me, and learn how to save. Damn home-ownership!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Christmas Box

I had decided that this year we would be skipping having the kids' Christmas pictures taken. With our move coming up, we really did not have the time to get into the photo studio in time to have the pictures back for putting in Christmas cards. Also, the cost always seems to be outrageous and we just can not afford it this year. But last night...I had a brainstorm!

The kids were playing in one of the empty moving boxes and it hit me! I would take a regular digital picture of them, in their Christmas clothes, and have 4x6's printed off from Walmart and THOSE would be our Christmas pictures. Plus it would double as a way to inform everyone of our change of address and save me postage having to send out another mailing! GENIUS!

So what follows is our picture taking adventures this morning:

Trying to get them to stop goofing off!

Trying to keep Hayden from touching Tara so she would stop getting majorly pissed off!

Stepford Children.

DISASTER!!! (Maybe this isn't worth the trouble??)

The FINAL product!! SO FLIPPIN' CUTE!!! (And only $7.19 for 45 prints! Cha-Ching!)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blog Carnival For The Holidays!

You may have noticed the new button in my sidebar! Its for Tiff's Christmas Carnival! I am so excited for this. I had a blast with her Thanksgiving one! Everyone head on over and check it out!! Just click on the button in my sidebar!

Monday, November 24, 2008

I Wish My List Looked Like Theirs!

While working on a "To Do" list this weekend, my children wanted me to make each of them one as well. I did the writing, they did the listing of things they felt they needed to do. Here are all of our lists:

"Mommy's To Do List"
1. Clean living room
2. Clean kitchen
3. Clean downstairs bathroom
4. Fold & put away clothes
5. Pack hall closet
6. Pack Hayden's closet
7. Call HVAC contractor
8. Pack & clean back porch
9. Pack 1/2 of kids' toys
10. Put dinner in crockpot

"Hayden's To Do List"
1. Rest
2. Do some push-ups
3. Eat something healthy
4. Rest a little bit more
5. Talk to Daddy when he gets home
6. Go to sleep for a little bit
7. Sit around

"Tara's To Do List"
1. Twirl
2. Exercise
3. Take a nap
4. Drink juice
5. Have water
6. Play dollies
7. Hold Kayley
8. Play with Barbies

"Kayley's To Do List" (planned by Hayden & Tara)
1. Do baby exercises - Hayden
2. Stand up - Tara
3. Relax - Hayden
4. Fly a plane - Tara
5. Take a nap - Mommy!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's A Big Day!

Let me start this post by sharing you a few words from the song that I woke up to singing in my head...

"We don't give a damn for the whole state of Michigan, the whole state of Michigan, the whole state of Michigan! We don't give a damn for the whole state of Michigan, we're from OHIO!"

Oh yes, today is THE day! It's Ohio State vs. Michigan day. The BIGGEST day of the year for every Buckeye fan!

In about 2 hours, it'll be time for us to put the "BEST DAMN BAND IN THE LAND" in our stereo for our own personal "skull session" and cheer as "Hang on Sloopy" fills every corner of this house! Oh it's a mighty big day indeed!!



Friday, November 21, 2008

Abracadabra..Make Mommy Disappear!

Questions I've Been Asked In The Past Three Hours (and my most sarcastic responses):

1. Can I have my cereal and juice..NOW?
(please for the love of God let me get my coffee first!)

2. Is there poop in my panties?
(I don't know, go look! ... NOT IN HERE, IN THE BATHROOM!)

3. When do we get to take a bath, we haven't had a bath in DAYS?
(You just had a bath yesterday, LET ME HAVE MY COFFEE FIRST!)

4. Can I have some crackers?
(Finish your cereal first!)

5. Why are there boxes all over the back porch?
(Because we're moving in a couple of weeks and Mommy has to work like a slave to get ready for it!)

6. Do we get to get our kitten the first day we move?

7. Why not?
(Because we're getting our Christmas tree that first day, and I don't want the kitten climbing the tree and knocking it down and RUINING CHRISTMAS.)

8. Can we get it the next day?
(Absolutely not! We'll get it after Christmas is over.)

9. Can we name the kitten Rover?
(Seriously, get over the kitten thing, okay?)

10. Can I have crackers yet?
(No. And if you ask me again I'll throw all the crackers in the trash)

11. Why is Kayley biting that toy?
(Because she thinks she's a puppy dog.)

12. Can we get a puppy?
(Next spring.)

13. Is Daddy coming home yet?
(Not until this afternoon, you KNOW that!)

14. Why do you drink so much coffee and we only get one cup of juice?
(Because I'm the Mom.)

15. Can I have coffee, Daddy lets me.
(Your daddy is crazy.)

16. How does toast turn to toast?
(Because it just does when you put it in the toaster.)

17. Mom, can we eat in the "ricka room" (living room)?
(No way! Do you really think I want to clean up your messes all day like I'm some kind of maid?)

18. Can you make Kayley shut up?
(Shut up isn't a nice word.)

19. Can you make Kayley zip her lip?
(Sure let me wave my magic wand.)

20. Are you a princess, Mommy?
(I wish!)

And my day has only JUST begun..

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I know we all would like to have perfect kids that played together, never fought, never refused to share, never punched each other...

But it's a pretty unrealistic dream, at least in my house it is.

Hayden and Tara spend the entire day together, a huge chunk of it they actually do get along and play nicely...but it doesn't take much to have them turn on one another. Hayden will punch Tara in the nose (he actually just did this about 2 minutes ago), or Tara will tell him he smells and all hell breaks lose.

Tara: *crying* "Mommy, Hayden says he don't love me no more!"
Me: *yelling from the kitchen* Hayden YOU DO TOO LOVE HER, knock it off!"
Tara: *crying hysterically* "Mommy HAYDEN SAYS..."

(insert a few minutes of blissful silence)



Tara: MOMMY!!! Mommy...??

(a few more minutes of confused silence)

(insert sounds of normal playing coming from their bedrooms)

Sometimes when the kids are acting in a heathen manner it's just easier to ignore them! Seriously. I always find myself pulled into their little "trap" and yelling and pleading, and begging them to get along... But it never fails that once I just ignore them, and keep a ear out for what's going on, they always seem to resolve their "issues" on their own.

Or maybe they are just plotting against me?

They both like to remind me multiple times a day that not only do they only love each other half of the time, they pretty much "don't love me anymore!" most of the time too.

Just part of the job description I suppose. They seem to come around and love me again once I remind them who is responsible for feeding them!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

We Got The House!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thanks Tiff!

HOUSEHUNTING UPDATE: We have fallen in LOVE with a home! We put in an offer last night... Please, please, please send prayers, good thoughts, whatever, our way so they accept the offer! This is truly the PERFECT home for our family!

Tiff at Three Peas in a Pod awarded me with the following award:

Tiff is the mother of 3 great kids! She is a very busy lady, but has always made time to be my (online) friend and I appreciate her so much!! You really need to check out her blog if you haven't already! She's always sharing great tips, crafts and giveaways!! Seriously GO VISIT HER NOW!!

There are rules and tagging involved with this award, but I don't wanna follow them! Because I think you all are nice mommas!

Okay so I'm going to tell you just a bit about the house we put an offer on last night. Yes, I know, ENOUGH already! But seriously...I have a feeling there will be plenty of house-hunting, moving, decorating posts to come! This house has 3 nice-sized bedrooms. A cute kitchen with lots of cabinet space. A huge living room with a gas fireplace and large picture window facing the quiet street. An even more HUGE family room with built in shelving/entertainment center on one wall with a large picture window looking out to the wooded back yard. A nice sized bathroom with a big vanity (just what I need!), a basement (with a half bath) that is ready to be finished. And a breezeway from the garage that is big enough to use as a covered patio. It's also in walking distance to a park!

So please, if you are a praying person...pray pray pray!! If you like to send positive thoughts out to the universe...DO THAT! Whatever you can do to support us so that the owners will accept our offer and we'll get the house, I will be forever grateful!!

Oh and one more thing..this house is empty. If they accept our offer...we'll be moving in the first week of December!!!! My head is spinning!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Total Chaos!

I know I didn't blog much last week. I had the flu the beginning of the week and the end of the week was filled with house-hunting excitement! So far no luck, but it was wishful thinking that we'd find our perfect home right out of the gate. I'm sitting here now very impatiently waiting for our Realtor to call and let me know which of the 4 properties we're interested in we can view tonight. We looked at 3 over the weekend, all turned out to be NOT for us! Three of the 4 houses we want to see tonight we are both really excited about. I'll keep you posted!

It's amazing how stressful this actually is. I had NO idea!! There is the problem of picking out the diamonds from the duds. Then we have to worry about whether we'll get to view it before someone else does and puts an offer in. Then we have to worry about once we DO put an offer in if it'll be rejected. Then of course, what if we actually get the house and it turns out we hate it once we're in it!? I worry about everything non-stop, so this is obviously no different.

My husband and I are both irritable, grouchy, emotional and stressed out! It's going to be a long process, and by the time we do find something and I'm sure by then we'll both have aged about 5 years!

But on top of all the stress, there is a ton of excitement! So much so that I still am having trouble not jumping up and down at any given moment. The kids were not too pleased when we told them we'd be moving. But once we told them they would have bedrooms they could paint any color they wanted, they started to come around. Then of course (without consulting me) my husband told them they could get a puppy AND a kitten...they are now very excited and won't stop talking about our new animals.

Our house is in an uproar of chaos, stress and excitement. It's scary and wonderful at the same time! Now if we could only find a home! I can't wait to move in to our OWN home. Hopefully this will be our last move! I really really am dreaming of the house we will live in for the rest of our lives. The house our kids will grow up in and will bring THEIR kids back to. I sure hope I'm not getting my hopes up too high!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Yesterday was just "business as usual" around here. Tara took a black Sharpie to Hayden's bedside table and his box springs. (She's a very destructive girl, I tell ya!) I spent the day doing all of my usual "mom" duties. But then I got an unusual phone call. From my mom. She wanted to come speak with my husband and me. Hmm...were we in trouble?

Will and I spent the hour and a half before she finally showed up wondering what could be wrong. Was it something good? Was she coming to tell us she won the lottery? Did she just want to tell us that she preferred ham instead of turkey for Thanksgiving? Was she moving to Alaska so she could become a "hockey mom"? What the hell was going on? It was torture!

She FINALLY got here. She hemmed and hawed and finally said, "Now you can say no if you want to, but..."

"I want to buy you a house."


"Now, it has stipulations. I am already preapproved. You'll have to find a house within a certain price range. You can get whatever house you'd like, although I'd like to get to be a part of the house hunting since it's always so much fun. And I'd like you to buy the house from me in 3 years for the remaining amount of the loan. You'll be paying me the house payment (taxes, insurance) monthly until then. But it would be yours."

My mom is BUYING US A HOUSE! Sorta.

I'm freaking the point that I was jumping up and down and doing a wild dance in the privacy of my bathroom last night!

I'm scared out of my freaking mind as well. What if we make the wrong choice? What if she changes her mind? What if our Realtor hates us and gets us a bad deal?

But with all of the emotions running through me right now..the one that is the most overwhelming is how much I love my mother!

Yesterday was the best day of my life! Sorta.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Another Mess Courtesy of Tara! (If you look closely at the wall at the top of the can see one of the blobs of nail polish from her last bout of "curiousity".

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Can I Crawl Under A Rock?

I am on Day 3 of a major headache. This is not unusual for me. I get a headaches ALOT...very few last for 3 days. It's been a stressful week at our house so it's not a total surprise.

Kayley has learned to scream. About EVERYTHING. The temper tantrums she throws, makes up for all of the temper tantrums the other 2 never threw! Hayden is constantly mad at me about every decision I make. And Tara...well she is just always into everything, which in turns causes her and Hayden to fight because it's usually HIS stuff she's getting into.

This morning, I was NOT ready to get out of bed at 6:30 when they all woke up. I sent Hayden down to turn on the weather, and decided I'd lay in bed an extra 10 minutes or so hoping that my headache would ease enough to be bearable. (I haven't mentioned that along with working 10 hours husband usually works until noon on Sat. & Sun. so I usually have to face the mornings alone with these monsters!)

I fell back to sleep. For like 20 minutes. I woke up to Hayden screaming "Tara has that finger painting stuff ALL OVER MY ROOM!" He was right. Tara had escaped from her room when she heard him turn on the TV, took the cherry red nail polish, I had used the night before on my own nails and forgot to put away, and painted on his walls, sheets & night stand. Then when she heard him yell for me she shoved it under his bed where it pooled into a giant puddle.

After starting to calm down I walked into the living room to find that she had gotten it all over an area of carpet, smeared it all over my husband's leather footstool and put three large blobs of it on our big screen TV.

I got it out of the living room carpet. I will have to take a stain remover to it later, but soap and water got the majority of it our because it was only on the surface.

I can't get it out of Hayden's carpet, off the walls, sheets or footstool. Any suggestions? (Besides buying a cage to keep my daughter in?)

Hallelujah! It's the weekend! NOT!!

Friday, November 07, 2008


Some days I just can't get over how quickly my children are growing up. Hayden, who will be 5 this winter, gets up every morning and before turning on his cartoons, will watch the weather first to see what kind of day it's going to be.

Tara is 3 and is now sleeping without her beloved binkie, and informed my mom the other day that she is "too big to sleep in that stupid crib anymore". Tara has been in a twin-size bed at home for almost a year now, but at my mom's house she'll still sleep in the crib because my mom is worried about her waking up at night and roaming around. I guess now she'll be sleeping on the futon that my mom has set up in her "grandbaby room".

Kayley turned 1 this fall, this girl is as smart as a whip. If we say it's time for dinner, she'll crawl into the kitchen before anyone else. If we say it's time to brush our teeth, into the bathroom she goes. It's amazing how much she understands.

I just have such a hard time accepting that my babies are really not so much babies anymore. It's sad, it depresses me. But at the same time it thrills me to think of all that we have ahead of us! I have my 10 year high school reunion coming up in 2010, I was thinking just yesterday how old my children will be when it comes around. How will I talk about my life. I realized that when people ask me if I have kids and how old they are I'll will have a 6 y/o, 5 y/o and 3 y/o! It was shocking to me! NO BABIES! AAHH!! But with any luck, I won't have any diapers to change, no bottles to wash, no crib sheets to fight with, no strollers to break my back loading into my vehicle. Everyone will be walking and talking and my heart will be breaking thinking about what my life will be like in another 2 years. It's a vicious cycle, but I wouldn't change it for the world!

Thursday, November 06, 2008


Please read TODAY'S POST below...but this is just a little extra "info" post.

**If you were in my sidebar and are now missing. I am so sorry, but anyone who has "Playlists" for their music on their blog I can not go to your site or I lose my wireless connection! I have no idea why that is...but the same thing happens when I view Myspace pages with those on. If you know how I can fix that..please let me know!

**If you'd like to follow me on Twitter...CLICK HERE!

**If you have Google Talk and would like to chat with me on that my name on there is "Mamaritaville".

Okay..I think that's it! Now READ TODAY'S POST BELOW!! :)

Since I Depressed You Yesterday...

...I'll try to make you make you smile today!

Here is the list of things I've done this past week that have either not cost any money, or if they did cost some money, the emotion reward was MUCH greater!

1. On Saturday I threw a surprise party for my husband's 38th birthday. It was HIS FAMILY ONLY! Something that we NEVER do! I made pizza's and hid them in the freezer in the basement the day before. I bought beer and liquor and also hid them in the basement so he didn't get suspicious. I bought presents, wrapped them in the Speed Racer wrapping paper that Hayden picked out and again, hid them in the basement. Oh and I made a cake that morning...and you guessed it! HID IT IN THE BASEMENT! He spent the whole afternoon, once he got off work, washing our cars and working on the brakes in our van. Around 4, our son(who knew of the surprise) started yelling "SOMEONE'S HERE!" As we walked around to the front of the house he saw his sister and her family getting out of their car. As his sister handed him her present. I said "Surprise, this is your birthday party!" About 15 minutes later the rest of the family showed up. He was so happy and truly surprised. I had pulled off his first surprise party of his life! I am still smiling about that!

2. Sunday morning we woke up and our 4 and 3 year old crawled into bed with us to watch their cartoons. We never do this. It was so warm and snuggly! What a great way to start out a day!

3. I taught my 4 year old son how to spell and write "Halloween". That was cool! (In the picture his writing is the bottom one.)

4. We took all 3 of our children to vote with us. Even gave the older 2 our "I Voted" stickers. They knew how important it was, and were so quiet and well-behaved! I couldn't have been more PROUD to be American!

5. My husband and I cheered when Obama was declared to have taken Ohio. Our home state! What a PROUD day to be an Ohioan!

6. I took the kids to their Tuesday morning class, "Jump & Shout"...on the way we drove past my husband's work where he was outside for his morning break. We all got to tell him "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" since Tuesday was his official birthday. It was wonderful to make him smile.

So...what things have YOU done this week that have made you happy. What things have you done that have made others happy? I'd love to hear about it all!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Don't Let Me Depress You

It's pretty obvious from some of my posts over the last week that I do not have to tell you that I am very pleased with the political headlines this morning! But...I AM, I AM, I AM!!! :) On that note, this is the extent of my political blogging. Back to the regularly scheduled mommy-blogging for me!

Now that Halloween and the Election are officially over, it's time to start thinking about the Holiday Season. This really has my head spinning. I am NOT ready for any of that. It could be that it's been over 70 degrees here for the last couple of weeks, but it could also be the fact that money is TIGHT and I get bad anxiety in normal circumstances...add in trying to buy all the fixin's for a Thanksgiving feast, Christmas presents for all 3 of my children, my 3 stepchildren and my 1 step-grandson, not counting all the extended family we buy for, plus things for myself and my husband! It makes my head spin!

I have been trying to put money back for all of this...but it never fails, something else always pops up. You know, things like rent and groceries!! Thank goodness gas prices are now cut in half! Right there is a major relief!

Wow, I'm even depressing myself with this post. I can't help it. It's stressful times in this country, I think everyone feels it. I just certainly hope our new President really will bring CHANGE! And maybe by the time the holidays roll around next year, things will be better. One can only hope!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

He's Voted...Have You?

Go Obama!!!!

All I have to say today....

Monday, November 03, 2008


A few questions...

1. How in the world do I learn to work "Twitter".
2. How do I put "Twitter" on my blog.
3. Do you like the new look now that the sidebar is complete?
4. What is an easy way to set up a blogroll that I dont have to manually add people to?
5. How in the world could I only have been gone from blogging for a year and so much has changed??
6. Could you leave the links to some of your favorite blogs so I can check them out?

Thank you for all of your help! Now don't answer these in your head...go comment the answers to me!


Halloween Recap

So Halloween has come and gone. Thank goodness! I was tired of listening to "When do we get to go get candy!" Now its a fight over when they are allowed to eat the candy. They've been begging since 7:30am today. I'm ready to throw it all away already!

While we were out it was pretty uneventful. It was the typical, "Trick-or-Treat", "Thank You!" You know the drill! But we made it to one house in particular and their grass was very high. For the most part everyone's lawns around here are very meticulous looking because we've had frost so everyone has done their final mowing and there has been little growth. Well Hayden and Tara walked up through the yard to get the candy and then came running back through the yard to Will and me waiting on the sidewalk.

Hayden took that opportunity to YELL "Why is their grass so HIGH!? Don't they know they should MOW IT!"

We just smiled and grabbed their little hands and headed on to the next house as fast as we could trying not to crack up laughing.

Yeah, not very exciting, but it was funny and I thought it was worth sharing! If you live in the neighborhood we trick-or-treat word for you! MOW!

And on another note..if you live in the United States of America...I have just one word for you as well! VOTE!!

Don't forget, if you haven't taken advantage of the early voting, tomorrow is ELECTION DAY! Let your voice be heard!!!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Random, I Don't Feel Like Blogging Post

So I'm not really in the mood to blog today. I have to finish getting things around for the surprise party that I'm throwing for my husband tonight, that I'm pretty sure he knows is coming.

I'll have something fun to say on Monday I am sure. Actually you'll probably just be getting some trick-or-treat pictures and the story of how my son managed to embarrass us on our little journey. It'll have to do! :)

Tuesday...I'll remind you to vote.

Wednesday...I promise I'll figure out something thrilling to post....or maybe I'll do a "Wordless Wednesday".

I don't know! You'll just have to keep coming back to see what going to happen! You just never know!

And MAYBE someday soon I'll get all of your links back up on my sidebar! If you're good and leave me comments!!!

Have a great Nov. 1st! Only 55 days til Christmas (say it ISN'T so!!!)....

Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Conversation With A Future Voter

**Like the new look? Let me know!** (Sidebar is still in progress)

Last night while reading my October Good Housekeeping, Tara, who is 3, asked me what I was reading. It was an article about raising future voters. I started reading to her and asking her questions. Here is our conversation (I took notes, it was too funny!)

Me: This article talks about how we could go online to watch the candidate's ads so we can discuss whether or not they are fair.

Tara: When you eat grapes, you're eating grapes, it's fair.

Me: Okay... Um.... Do you know how old you have to be to be able to go vote by yourself?

Tara: ONE!

Me: No you have to be 18. Now, do you remember how old you have to be to vote by yourself?

Tara: TWO!

Me: No, 18.

Tara: ONE!

Me: I said 18!! Alright, do you have any idea what you have to take with you to be allowed to vote?

Tara: A bucket!

Me: No, your driver's license. Now...let me ask you... (at this point it was just plain funny for me!) Are you a Republican or a Democrat?

Tara: *covering her eyes with her hands* Don't look at me!!! Is this over?

Yes I know that she wouldn' t know any of these answer or have any idea what we were even talking about. But it was funny to hear her response and I can't wait to remind her of this conversation when she IS 18 and heading to the polls!

For now, she'll be taking her bucket and tagging along with mom and dad!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What Could It Be?

Just a little note....

To say....

Changes Are Coming!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Countdown Begins

Does everyone know what day it is? It is exactly ONE WEEK until ELECTION DAY! This will be my 3rd Presidential Election I have been able to vote in and this is the most exciting for me. I am a very passionate Obama supporert, as it seems that everyone who supports this candidate is!! Funny thing is...I am registered as a Republican!

Who really cares? Once you go over the issues and take the time to learn about each candidate, it is then up to YOU to choose who YOU want to be YOUR President! I highly encourage each of you to do that if you have not already. Don't vote for who "seems" the most qualified, go and EDUCATE YOURSELF!!

Recently I was making dinner and I got a call from my mom who lives across town. She had a very interesting story to share with me. A woman had come to her door campaigning for Obama. She explained to my mom that many months ago, her two 20-something year old son's had talked with her about a man whose name she had to practice pronouncing! Barack Obama! She then started following his campaign for the democratic ticket, and now is working as a volunteer for his Presidential campaign. She believes with her WHOLE heart that this man is the man to become the President of OUR United States of America.

Many people believe this, it is not surprising to hear that someone carrying around pamphlets for a candidate would feel passionately about that candidate. This is the first time she has ever felt drawn to put her time and efforts into getting the word out. Again, so have many others this year. The "kicker" in this story, she is a Canadian...she CAN NOT VOTE! Here this woman is out there getting the word out and showing her support to anyone who will listen because she believes Barack Obama will be THE ONE to make this country a better place for her children and grandchildren! That is why my mom felt as though she should call me and tell me this awesome story! I was truly fascinated and would love to meet this woman. My mom and her have since struck up a friendship and I look forward to the day I can meet her.

So, come next Tuesday...pack up your children and head to the polls! Voting is a family event in our house. We want our young children to see us exercising our awesome right as a citizen of this country! Do not take this for granted!! VOTE!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

A Little Fairy Magic?

Mama Divas are having a Tinkerbell DVD/Bluray give-a-way! I am so excited and hope I win the DVD! :) No matter what, it will become an addition to our DVD collection as Tara has so loudly requested it for Christmas! The screaming at the TV everytime the commercial comes on is a major clue!

If you love Tink as much as we do in this house...go on over and sign up to win yourself! Just click on this post's title!!!

Now speaking of fairies...I need some magical fairy dust to get me through the day! I thought this morning's coffee (that I normally DON'T drink) would have done the trick...but not so! We are officially potty-training Tara this week. By "we" I mean ME! The kids and I have only been up for 3 hours, and already Tara has "earned" 7 stickers for her "Progress Chart" but on her 5th pair of panties. I am EXHAUSTED!!! I dont know how much of this I can take.

It's so tempting to just put her back into her Pull Ups, but that would just be putting off the inevitable. She is 3 years old for heaven's sakes! She SHOULD be peeing in the potty! I refuse to have her in Pull Ups anymore. But man this is hard work! Hayden literally potty-trained himself. Having to actually work at it with Tara, is going to put me in a mental institution!

My husband keeps sending me "encouraging" text messages on my cell phone...but it's not helping at all! Really its just pissing me off! Why isn't HE here helping!? Why was he here yesterday when we started this but still I was the one running to the bathroom every 5 minutes while he talked about how "WE" were finally going to get her potty trained!?!


Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween Zoo Trip!

Still following Tiff's "orders" for this post. Today's topic is "Halloween Present" Remember, click on this post's title to head over and take part. I am SOOO hoping to win today's prize! I NEED SOME PAMPERING!!! :) Now on to the post!

Trick-or-Treat is not until this coming Friday, but we've already dressed the kids all up and taken them to the Zoo. There was candy stations, animal's smashing pumpkins, and BATMAN!

We didn't know Batman was going to be there and once we did find out we didn't tell Hayden (who chose a Batman costume this year) because the chances of actually seeing him were pretty slim.

Well we were really surprised and excited when Batman's parade came through one of the areas where we were walking. And this Batman, was THE REAL Batman! OR at least he could have been if Batman was real. We told Hayden he was though! Not that there was any doubt in that kids mind...his jaw was about to hit the cement!

So imagine our HUGE surprise when Batman got OFF OF HIS FLOAT to come shake Hayden's hand!!! I thought my husband, mom, aunt and myself were all going to pass out! It was soo cool!

Hayden is still talking about it. But he's being very "cool" about it. It's really cute! What a lucky boy!

The Kids Before Heading To The Zoo:


Batman Shaking Hayden's Hand: (bad pic, but I was too close to get them both in the screen very well)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fall Extravaganza Craft

Well I missed my blog entry yesterday, I was at my mom's most of the day and by the time I got home yesterday afternoon...well I was just too tired!

Today we're posting our fall crafts. I have two grapevine wreathes, 1 on the front porch and 1 on the deck that I decorate every season. I just get some inexpensive ribbon and whatever else I want to add and see what I can come up with once I'm home.

Theses are our wreaths. Everything on it was purchased 50% off from Hobby Lobby. I spent a whoppin' $16 to decorate both wreaths! I don't think that's a bad deal at all! And at the end of the season, I'll just pack it all away with my fall decor and re-use it next year!

Now head on over to Tiff's blog by clicking on this post's title and enter yourself in her contest! It's so fun!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween Past

The Fall Extravaganza is still in full swing and today we're supposed to post about "Halloween Pasts". I looked through all of my pics stored on this computer, and of course pics of my most favorite Halloween costume when it comes to my kids is not stored on this computer. Grr! But let me tell you about it anyway!

When Hayden was 8 months old we dressed him as a mechanic. It was the cutest costume ever! He had a pair of denim coveralls and I took black Halloween face paint and put smudges on his knees tushy, and little smears elsewhere like he had been working in a lot of grease and kept wiping his hands. I also put a few little marks on his face as well. It was DARLING!!

We put a hat on him backwards and my husband made a little "Our Last Name's Garage" label for his "uniform" and I made a name tag! It was toooooo cute!! Man! How I wish I had access to that pic to share!!

Click on this post's title to head on over to Tiff's blog to take part in this contest!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Celebrate Fall Recipe

Today is the kick off for Tiff at Three Peas In a Pod's Fall Extravaganza. You may have seen the "button" in my sidebar..?? ANYWAY!! If you want to participate for some awesome prizes head on over and see what it's all about!

Today we're posting recipes...our favorites for Fall. This is mine. In fact I am making it tonight for dinner. We have company coming over and it is OH SO GOOD!



4 - boneless chicken breasts
4T - olive oil
2 T - grated onion
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 tsp - thyme
1 tsp - ground pepper
1 tsp - rosemary
1 tsp - sage
1/4 tsp - marjoram

Preheat oven to 375.
Mix all spices in olive oil.
Coat both sides of chicken with spice mixture.
Place in baking dish.
Bake for 45min-1hr.

Serve over brown rice.

I'm also making steamed broccoli tonight and THIS! YUMMY!!

REMEMBER: To join in on the fun to win some great prizes...head on over to Tiff's blog (click on the title of this post to get there)!

Friday, October 17, 2008

To Conive? Or Not To Conive?

So my aunt is coming to Ohio tonight for a one week visit. We are all very excited for this and it worked out that I was going to be able to go to the airport with my mom to pick her up thanks to my husband getting home from work in time. I was just going to go alone because there is not enough room for all of us in my mom's vehicle. After listening to Tara's heart being broken this morning when she realized that she wasn't going to get to see her Aunt Susie today I decided to take her with me and leave the other 2 at home with Will.

This presented a problem. How was I going to convince Hayden to let me go somewhere with his Grammy(his most best friend in the whole world) without him.

I thought and thought about it and decided to do what every mother has to do from time to time: be coniving.

Me: Hayden, you know how you and Daddy are going to be cleaning your room tonight and making it look super cool for when Aunt Sue comes to our house?

Hayden: Yeah, but I don't really wanna clean. I just wanna play my video games.

Me: Oh you do? Well why don't I tell Daddy to let you stay up late playing your games if you get all your cleaning done.

Hayden: That sounds great!!!

Me: Oh, but it will take a really long time to clean your room if Tara is here. She'll just mess everything up as your cleaning and by the time you are finally done, it will be too late to even get to play your games.

Hayden: Oh, she always messes everything up.

Me: I have an idea! Why don't I take Tara with me and that way you can get all your work done really fast and she won't bother you!

Hayden: Yeah, do that! I dont want her making my room a mess.

Hey, if I would have just said I'm taking Tara and not you, I'd have never made it out the door. Now he gets to get something he wants and I get what I want. Everyone is happy. Well except maybe Will, he is after all the one who will have to put up with "late night" Hayden. That in itself is a whole 'nother post!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yard Signs

Last night as my husband, the kids and I were pulling out of our driveway a car pulled in front of us and blocked us from getting out. I thought it was someone just turned around but then the woman got out and walked up to my husband's open window.

Lady: Hello! I'm running on the Democratic ticket for County Commissioner and noticed your Obama/Biden sign and wanted to know if I could put one of my signs in your yard?

Will: Well we're just heading out..

Lady: I know but....

Will: Go ahead, we really have to go.

And we pulled around her car and headed off to the store. We get home, and there is a sign that is larger than the Obama sign. I don't know this woman. I don't know if I'm voting for her as I haven't reviewed our local candidates yet. Hell, I'm not even a Democrat, I'm just voting for Obama because he is who I believe will be the best president for this country.

So now what do I do about this lady's sign? Do I take it out of the yard until I actually decide if I want to vote for her? Do I leave it there? What if I do take it out? Will she bang down my door wondering where it went? I don't know!! We only agreed so we could leave without being held up by her speech.

What would you do?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

He Wants To Be A What?

Tonight my husband and I are taking the kids to look at Halloween costumes. I of course want to be the "perfect" mommy and make their costumes, but depending on what they want to be, it may just be easier to buy them.

Kayley, our 1 year old, is easy enough. A friend of mine gave me an elephant that's what she's going to be. No sense in buying something when I have a perfectly good costume in a closet...somewhere in my house. I just have to find it first...

Tara, our 3 year old, is unable to make up her mind. One day she says she's going to be a princess. The next, a witch. The next, a cat. She needs some guidance. And if looking at all of the costumes doesn't help her to make up that pretty little mind. Mommy gets to choose!! (I'm voting for cat! It's easy, and I can put it together myself with the help of a bought tail and ears. So I get credit for actually making it!)

Hayden, our 4 1/2 year old son....Well he's the main reason for this post. He's been planning his Halloween costume since Spring. He's wanted to be a Ninja Turtle, Spiderman, a pirate, a dragon....all very good ideas. Now that Halloween is approaching and it's time to get the costume. He's made up his mind and he's NOT budging. He wants to be a black ghost. No it's not some cartoon character. He wants me to throw a black sheet over his head and call it a day. I just can't do it! So he is the real reason why we've planned this Halloween costume browsing trip. I'm crossing all of my fingers and toes that he'll see a "super cool" store-bought costume, fall in love and then I wont have to purchase a black sheet.

Halloween '07:

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


You know what sucks about being gone from blogging?? Having to get everything set back up again and remember how to do it!

For instance...take a look at my sidebar...there's nothing there except the archive. I have to DO something about that. I need to get a blogroll set up, a stat counter, ect. You know what I'm talking about! My poor little "mommy brain" is running at full tilt trying to remember how to do it all. I think I may possibly have dust flying out of my ears!

On top of all of that, I'm so out of the mommy blogging loop! What's new out there? So...I'm asking all you lovely mommies (probably all 2 of you who actually read this!) to fill me in! Let me know your favorite blogs, or your favorite additions that you use to make your blogging more fun, easy, whatever!!

SHARE SHARE SHARE!! Pretty please?

Now I must go because Hayden wants "you know, one of those strawberry things you bought last week at the store". Hmm...doesn't he know mommy's brain is in OVERDRIVE!?

What Happened To Me??

Well I had planned on getting this blog back up and running...but what have I actually done? Nothing.

There's been quite a bit happening in my household, and although very dramatic, I can't even blog about it...just way too personal! Geesh!!

But I believe things have calmed today is the OFFICIAL relaunch of Mamaritaville!

I'll be posting the "first official relaunch blog post" (referred to as FORBP from here on out) later this morning...after finding a semi-decent template to replace this green one!!

Hang tight!!! ;)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I've MISSED Blogging!

OH MY GOODNESS!! Do you know how long it has been since I have been in the blogging world??? Like a year!

The kids are great...

I am okay...

I'm just so excited to be back! And even more excited that the "Mamaritaville" address is now available again!

I'll be back later with some great blogging..haha! (Nothing better than being overly-confident..)

YEY! Mamaritaville is BACK and going to be as good as it ever was! :) will be once I get a new template...