Friday, October 17, 2008

To Conive? Or Not To Conive?

So my aunt is coming to Ohio tonight for a one week visit. We are all very excited for this and it worked out that I was going to be able to go to the airport with my mom to pick her up thanks to my husband getting home from work in time. I was just going to go alone because there is not enough room for all of us in my mom's vehicle. After listening to Tara's heart being broken this morning when she realized that she wasn't going to get to see her Aunt Susie today I decided to take her with me and leave the other 2 at home with Will.

This presented a problem. How was I going to convince Hayden to let me go somewhere with his Grammy(his most best friend in the whole world) without him.

I thought and thought about it and decided to do what every mother has to do from time to time: be coniving.

Me: Hayden, you know how you and Daddy are going to be cleaning your room tonight and making it look super cool for when Aunt Sue comes to our house?

Hayden: Yeah, but I don't really wanna clean. I just wanna play my video games.

Me: Oh you do? Well why don't I tell Daddy to let you stay up late playing your games if you get all your cleaning done.

Hayden: That sounds great!!!

Me: Oh, but it will take a really long time to clean your room if Tara is here. She'll just mess everything up as your cleaning and by the time you are finally done, it will be too late to even get to play your games.

Hayden: Oh, she always messes everything up.

Me: I have an idea! Why don't I take Tara with me and that way you can get all your work done really fast and she won't bother you!

Hayden: Yeah, do that! I dont want her making my room a mess.

Hey, if I would have just said I'm taking Tara and not you, I'd have never made it out the door. Now he gets to get something he wants and I get what I want. Everyone is happy. Well except maybe Will, he is after all the one who will have to put up with "late night" Hayden. That in itself is a whole 'nother post!


Diana said...

If I so much as even attempt to speak to my mother on the phone without putting my little man on - there will be hell to pay. My son won't have it, so I know what that's like!

Tiff said...

we use reverse psychology on Little monky all the time. He will not want to eat or do something I asked him to do. So I tell ok. You don't have to. . .I will just get Tiger to do it or I will give TIger your half of the sandwhich. It works every time. LOL