Monday, January 29, 2007

A Personal Revival

Yesterday I went to church for the first time in months. I've really been feeling that I needed to make some changes within myself so that I can better my family. First and foremost in my mind was to strengthen my faith. I dont know why I felt so strongly that that was what I needed to do, but I did it anyway.

Once I got to church the answer was there. The sermon touched me in a way no other sermon had. Some of the points that my minister made pushed me into realizing that I'm not going to be able to better the life of my family without first living a God-centered life. Now, I knew all of this deep down. But sometimes it has to be spelled out for you over and over before you finally GET it.

Let me just say; I got the message this time!

Not only did I decided to join a Sunday night Bible Study (which I attended last night). But I found out that starting this Sunday Hayden can begin going to Sunday School. And because I'll be taking him to Sunday School the hour before church begins, I'll be joining my own Sunday School class. Something I haven't done since I was 4 years old!

Hayden's birthday is next week, he'll be 3.. that's why he'll be able to start the class (which is beginning a new session, so he wont be behind) this Sunday. He'll be working on memorizing John 3:16 and on a Sunday in mid-March, his class will get up in front of the church and recite what they've learned!! Then they'll have a party! I'm so excited!! I remember when he was a baby watching all of the little Sunday School kids up there, doing the same thing, and imagining what it would be like when he was able to join them. Now that time is here!!

I just wanted to share this with you all because I truly feel like a change is taking place in my heart and life. I dream of a day when my whole family walks hand in hand into the church. I dream of the day when my husband joins me for the Bible Study while our children benefit from the free childcare in the next room. But, until then (which knowing Will probably will be in the near future, he was so excited hearing my stories last night) I am going to work on me. I plan on benefiting from what a huge blessing that was opened to me yesterday. It was no coincidence that I felt I needed to go back to church. I was meant to be there on that specific day!

One added benefit to my husband coming along with me to Bible Study would be the fact that I wouldn't have to come home to him telling me that he couldn't find any pj's for Hayden; checking in the obvious place, the LAUNDRY ROOM, didn't occur to him. Instead, he dug through a bag of hand-me-downs from his sister's boys and found a pair of footie jammies that had the knees worn out of them and the feet cut off! My son came downstairs this morning looking worse than one of the Lost Boys from Never-Never Land!

Good thing I fed them all dinner before I left...

Saturday, January 27, 2007


Well, I didn't have to resort to illegal drugs... ;) OB/GYN prescribed Zofran for me. And it is working wonders!

I feel more like myself than I have in weeks! Not 100%, but I'm actually out of my pj's. A HUGE step in the right direction!

Have a great weekend! I plan to!

Friday, January 26, 2007

One HIGH Momma?

Well I'm desperate for some relief of my nausea, since none of the at-home cures are working and neither is the Phenergan Rx he gave me last week.

That's right I'm DES-PER-ATE.

I was reading this website about different medications prescribed to combat morning sickness. Scroll down until you see the Misc. column. See what the fifth item is on that list...


I'm waiting on a call-back from my doctor's office. I can pretty much guarantee you that he will not be recommending that I call the kid I knew from highschool who the last I heard was still selling smoke to everyone and anyone who would buy it.

I dont think I'm that desperate...yet.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

10 Things About Me

Thanks to Chris I have my blog entry for today. Of course I dont know if I should be thanking her because this is kind of hard.

10 Things About Me

1. I love squirrels! I think they are so darn cute! I even have a small collection of them (fake, not real ones!)

2. I can't watch the movie Field Of Dreams because the "If you build it, they will come" part scares the crap out of me! My husband and his boys think it's hilarious and they'll wait until I'm in a room alone and then they'll sit outside the door and whisper that. It usually induces blood-curdling screams out of me! Seriously.

3. I started blogging as A Tight Knit Mom. You can still go there and read the archives. I'll delete it someday, but I need to print out all of the posts before I do that.

4. I love to knit and cross-stitch. I haven't been able to do either lately because they both make my nausea worse.

5. I want to move to Clearwater, FL more than anything. (or somewhere in that surrounding area) My husband lived there for 8 years with his first wife and kids and he's dying to move back. Of course we probably never will because his kids are here.

6. If we did move down there, my mom would have to come along. Neither of us could stand to be apart for too long.

7. I used to sell Mary Kay when Punk was born. I actually thought I'd have the time to grow that business. hahahaha!! Stupid mistake. Dont let those Mary Kay ladies get ahold of you...they're scary!!! I'd love to find a work at home job...but it'll probably never happen. :(

8. I have a serious TV addiction. Especially since we got our DVR. We never watch live TV. We always have something to watch on the DVR while the shows that are on are recording. Right now we're 5 episodes behind on ER and 4 behind on Desperate Housewives.

9. I am mad at Good Housekeeping because I always get my subscription 2 weeks after I see the magazine on the newsstand! Such a piece of crap! I'll never win any of their "first 100 to enter" contests because people without the subscriptions are getting the chance first! I thought the point to having a subscription was to get it before you could buy it at the newsstand!?

10. I hate to shop for clothes. I really do. I'm so not a girl in that aspect. Just the thought of going into a clothing store induces a panic attack. You'd think I'd have no style and not care what I was wearing because of that, but it's not true. I do want to be in style...I think it's just the thought of spending money on clothes that sets it off!

The End.

I'm not going to tag anyone, but if you want to do this on your own blog...let me know and I'll link to you.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I'm Just Not That Into Her

My husband's ex-wife is harrassing me! I had to email her our picture's from 19's graduation party a few months ago and ever since then she has been sending me forwards. Unfortunatly, it didn't stop there.

She apparently joined a new MySpace-wannabe website and she invited me to join. The other day I got one of those automated emails from the site saying "Are you Ex's Friend? Yes or No Click One."

I, of course was not falling into this trap, so I just deleted the email. I just dont want to join the stupid site. I have a PRIVATE MySpace page and I dont even like it! I just can't delete it because I like being able to snoop on what people I knew in highschool are doing now. It's really funny sometimes! But I dont want to go joining ever generic out there.

So now she keeps sending me invites. I really dont want to click the NO I'M NOT YOUR FRIEND BUTTON, because who knows what kind of drama that may start. So, I guess I'll just continue to ignore her. Just like I ignore the forwards. I never respond, I never send on my own.

I just wish I knew why she insists on all of this. I can guaran-damn-tee you that I would never invite her to be my friend on some website. No way, no how.

Any suggestions, or do you think I should go right on ignoring her. It seems to not be working, but is the most polite thing I can think to do. I really dont want to respond, I dont like her enough for that!

One more, off the subject, thing: I mentioned yesterday that there was a site that I picked first but I couldn't in good conscience link to her. Well she commented and promised me that she'll work hard to get that "offensive" post off of her front page, so she's going on my blogroll! :) Check her out at Diary of a Crazed Mommy.

Monday, January 22, 2007

A New Read For Me

I'm really trying to get myself back into blogging like I used to be. I really am. I promised myself when I logged on to the internet today that I was going to post a blog entry. I sat here for ever just staring at my screen. Nothing was coming to me. SO I decided to go searching my blog roll hoping that by some off the wall chance someone would have tagged me for a meme. I just wanted to post something!!

What I found was no meme(thank goodness), but a small challenge from Karen over at Troll Baby. She wanted her readers to discover a new blog that they enjoyed and then spend time getting to know all about it. I thought it would be really easy and I'd be back on the couch in a matter of minutes wallowing in my "morning sickness" misery. But it actually took a lot more time than I could have ever imagined!

The first one that I really liked and wanted to use had a post devoted to wishing the Florida Gators well in beating MY Ohio State Buckeyes in the National Championship although her blog was good, I could not in good conscience use her as my pick. ;)

So this is the one that I finally found. It's unique in it's own way, and actually captivates me enough to want to continue reading.

Not Calm (dot com)

She has 4 kids ranging in age from 9 to 3 and I couldn't help but want to read her blog. Mainly for selfish reasons. I'm hoping that through her writing I'll be able to get some sort of idea of what my life will be like down the road with my 3, since they'll all be close in age like her 4.

I'd love to elaborate more, but because I just spent the last two hours searching for and then reading this new blog. I am very tried and my stomach is very unsettled! I need to go lie down, or puke, or something. So please...ignore me and all of my whiny-ness and go read this new blog! It's good. And comes complete with pictures of squirrels! My favorite animal...although after reading her post...I'm glad I haven't experienced them like she has!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

It's Not You...

Well, I'm not doing a good job at sticking to any of my New Year Resolutions, but what's done is done, I'm here now.

I've been missing for so long because I am suffering from severe "morning" sickness. I have to deal with intolerable nausea from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed. My OB has prescribed me Phenergan, but because taking a whole pill or even a half a pill knocks me out cold, I'm reduced to taking a quarter of one. (I heard about a drug called Zofran that would not make me drowsy at all, but when I asked, the nurse said he will not prescribe me anything else.) Although taking a quarter of the Phenergan pill does not knock me out, it doesn't really do much for my nausea either. As long as I sit somewhere perfectly still, I can actually enjoy a few minutes of comfort. But the minute I stand up, or even reach for my water bottle, the waves of nausea are back.

I'm miserable.

So please forgive me for not blogging as often as I used to. I still have been checking my email and even getting on Yahoo! IM at least 3 days a week. So it's not like I'm never online, it's just that when you feel sick all of the time; creativity is something of the past. I haven't even been reading blogs because honestly, all of your creativity just pisses me off. Who do you people think you get to be so quirky and fun while I'm so sick and have no one to take care of me?

Well, I do have my husband, and he's trying, but the fact of the matter is; he's not here all day long. And I need him (or someone!) here with me all day. My house is a mess, my laundry has fallen behind, my kids are literally living in their jammies because planning outfits for them is just too much work. And me...well I'm lucky if I get a shower, let alone put on make-up or even brush my hair.

I am going to try to post more regularaly, but if I go missing for days on end...please understand. It's not you, it's me!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

MY New Year Resolutions

1. To rejoin Flylady. I was a much happier person with a MUCH cleaner house when I followed her system. (the complete story as to why I decided to put up with the millions of emails a day to follow tomorrow!)

2. To call my younger brother who lives in the city once every week. He may be 21 with lots of friends and lots of parties to attend, but he gets homesick. I need to make that effort to call him more often!!

3. To blog on a regular basis.

That's it. Last year my resolution was to send out birthday cards. That turned out successfully and is now a regular habit, not something that I have to try real hard to achieve.

What are your New Year Resolutions?