Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I'm Just Not That Into Her

My husband's ex-wife is harrassing me! I had to email her our picture's from 19's graduation party a few months ago and ever since then she has been sending me forwards. Unfortunatly, it didn't stop there.

She apparently joined a new MySpace-wannabe website and she invited me to join. The other day I got one of those automated emails from the site saying "Are you Ex's Friend? Yes or No Click One."

I, of course was not falling into this trap, so I just deleted the email. I just dont want to join the stupid site. I have a PRIVATE MySpace page and I dont even like it! I just can't delete it because I like being able to snoop on what people I knew in highschool are doing now. It's really funny sometimes! But I dont want to go joining ever generic out there.

So now she keeps sending me invites. I really dont want to click the NO I'M NOT YOUR FRIEND BUTTON, because who knows what kind of drama that may start. So, I guess I'll just continue to ignore her. Just like I ignore the forwards. I never respond, I never send on my own.

I just wish I knew why she insists on all of this. I can guaran-damn-tee you that I would never invite her to be my friend on some website. No way, no how.

Any suggestions, or do you think I should go right on ignoring her. It seems to not be working, but is the most polite thing I can think to do. I really dont want to respond, I dont like her enough for that!

One more, off the subject, thing: I mentioned yesterday that there was a site that I picked first but I couldn't in good conscience link to her. Well she commented and promised me that she'll work hard to get that "offensive" post off of her front page, so she's going on my blogroll! :) Check her out at Diary of a Crazed Mommy.


nic said...

I know it may be a hassle ...just change your email and don't check your old one ...


Anonymous said...

Tag, You're It!