Saturday, January 27, 2007


Well, I didn't have to resort to illegal drugs... ;) OB/GYN prescribed Zofran for me. And it is working wonders!

I feel more like myself than I have in weeks! Not 100%, but I'm actually out of my pj's. A HUGE step in the right direction!

Have a great weekend! I plan to!


Anonymous said...

YEY!!!! I'm so glad you feel better! Wanna jump back on the flylady wagon with me?

nic said...

Glad to hear you feel much better...I have to say the nauseau wasn't that bad this time but I seriously thought it was never going to end ....but it did now it is on to the can a PB&J make you have heartburn? oh well ......a little over three months to go


Jen said...

Chris-I'm already FLYing. I re-established our "FLYCycles" today.

Nicola-Oh the heartburn! I remember that!! Make sure you have plenty of Tums around!! Infact I just bought me a bottle of the new cocoa and cream ones so that I have them handy down the road!