Monday, January 29, 2007

A Personal Revival

Yesterday I went to church for the first time in months. I've really been feeling that I needed to make some changes within myself so that I can better my family. First and foremost in my mind was to strengthen my faith. I dont know why I felt so strongly that that was what I needed to do, but I did it anyway.

Once I got to church the answer was there. The sermon touched me in a way no other sermon had. Some of the points that my minister made pushed me into realizing that I'm not going to be able to better the life of my family without first living a God-centered life. Now, I knew all of this deep down. But sometimes it has to be spelled out for you over and over before you finally GET it.

Let me just say; I got the message this time!

Not only did I decided to join a Sunday night Bible Study (which I attended last night). But I found out that starting this Sunday Hayden can begin going to Sunday School. And because I'll be taking him to Sunday School the hour before church begins, I'll be joining my own Sunday School class. Something I haven't done since I was 4 years old!

Hayden's birthday is next week, he'll be 3.. that's why he'll be able to start the class (which is beginning a new session, so he wont be behind) this Sunday. He'll be working on memorizing John 3:16 and on a Sunday in mid-March, his class will get up in front of the church and recite what they've learned!! Then they'll have a party! I'm so excited!! I remember when he was a baby watching all of the little Sunday School kids up there, doing the same thing, and imagining what it would be like when he was able to join them. Now that time is here!!

I just wanted to share this with you all because I truly feel like a change is taking place in my heart and life. I dream of a day when my whole family walks hand in hand into the church. I dream of the day when my husband joins me for the Bible Study while our children benefit from the free childcare in the next room. But, until then (which knowing Will probably will be in the near future, he was so excited hearing my stories last night) I am going to work on me. I plan on benefiting from what a huge blessing that was opened to me yesterday. It was no coincidence that I felt I needed to go back to church. I was meant to be there on that specific day!

One added benefit to my husband coming along with me to Bible Study would be the fact that I wouldn't have to come home to him telling me that he couldn't find any pj's for Hayden; checking in the obvious place, the LAUNDRY ROOM, didn't occur to him. Instead, he dug through a bag of hand-me-downs from his sister's boys and found a pair of footie jammies that had the knees worn out of them and the feet cut off! My son came downstairs this morning looking worse than one of the Lost Boys from Never-Never Land!

Good thing I fed them all dinner before I left...


nic said...

Glad to hear that you are doing something for yourself and your family...keep telling Brian that we need to start going ..and he needs to become a member of our church so we can get the discount for private school but after 12 years of Catholic School and having to go every sunday with his family he really has no instead we send Sean to Catholic School where we hope he will get some religious teachings...


Susie J said...

Glad to hear you're doing better, and love to hear about the peace you're feeling with God.
Did any of my remedies help you?