Thursday, February 01, 2007

February, Dreaduary

It's February. The only month of the year that makes my head spin...even more than the holiday season. We have so much going on this month that this year I wish I could just skip it all. I'm tired. I'm nauseas (even while taking the Zofran). I just would like to skip February this year.

Both of Will and my's siblings have birthday's this month.

Hayden's 3rd birthday is this month.

Then there's Valentines Day.

Will and my's 2nd Anniversary is this month.

Oh, Super Bowl Sunday is now this month...didn't it used to always be in January?

Plus, this year I've got Hayden starting Sunday School, and although I'm really excited for it, it's just more things that we have going on!

It may not sound like a lot, but it really is. And I'm just too tired to deal with February this year. Oh how I wish I could just hibernate for this one month!


Anonymous said...

I agree. Lets just skip February. I'm going to be 29...TWENTY 18 more days :-( February sucks. LOL.

Petite Mom Blogger said...

Your February sounds like ours...our son's birthday and hubbys birthday is one day apart and his parents bdays are this month too.

nic said...

Sounds like April for us ...our 7 year anniversay , 3 birthdays, tax season (which is always so much fun in our household ) and of course Easter....