Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Day = Overrated

Yesterday I wasn't online. I was actually feeling pretty good so I decided to spend the day catching up on laundry. So, today I had a lot of blog reading to catch up on. Wow, where there a lot of Valentine's Day posts! And a lot of those posts were from unhappy wives.

We dont really celebrate Valentine's Day here. Our anniversary is in two weeks, and we really feel that our anniversary is the day to spend too much money celebrate our love. Not Valentine's Day, the day that has become so commercialized that people feel that they HAVE to celebrate!

I don't need my husband to buy me flowers and gifts to make me feel special on Valentine's Day. I dont even need a card. Just the fact that he snuggled a little closer to me on the couch last night was enough.

In my eyes, Valentine's Day is a day to recognize your love. There's no need for expensive presents and/or dates. I dont need a stuffed hippo with wiggling ears to know my husband loves me, nor do I need to spend hours getting ready for an over-priced meal at an over-crowded restaurant for my husband to know I love him.

We told each other Happy Valentine's Day. We held hands while watching American Idol. And then we held each other while we fell asleep. It was the perfect Valentine's Day. No pressure. No hurt feelings. No stress over how to top it next year.

I love him. He loves me. That's all either of us needed to know yesterday.


Karen Rani said...

I didn't see any unhappy wife posts. Even mine was only a joke. We laughed about it, then he went off to hockey and we enjoyed a late dinner before snuggling in bed. :)
Glad your V-day was a cuddly one too!

Anonymous said...

YEY, I'm glad you had a happy heart day! I had my panties in a twist, but it wasn't really P.C.'s fault. I have had a BAD week. Usually I'm not really a huge valentine needy person..I honestly do enjoy the chance to give more than get...think I just needed some extra TLC and I was using V-day as an excuse to not feel guilty for being whinny ;-) We did end up having a great night though! I made PERFECT lasagna..and he was WAY impressed. **yay me!**

Diana said...

We're not huge on V-day either. Waaaayyyyy over-rated. My husband always hugs and kisses me and tells me he loves me, i don't NEED it on this ONE day.
So no candies, no nothing from either of us this year. I AM going to get a giant heart at the drug store, because I love those chocolates, and half price is even better!