Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Baby Shaker

One of my favorite things about being pregnant is reading all of the pregnancy and baby magazines with a renewed interest. I hadn't picked up a BabyTalk since Tara was about 3 months old until I found out I was pregnant again. I get bored reading them after awhile. It's like once you have that baby, who needs a magazine, you have living-proof of anything and everything those magazines have to say. But, when I'm pregnant(even though I have other kids) I love to read the magazines and dream about how everything the articles say, I will do...and of course I will in turn have a perfect pregnancy and a perfect baby.

While reading through a past issue if BabyTalk that my doctor's office had included in their "Congratulations Your Pregnant" bag, I stumbled across an advertisement for this.

If you start cracking up laughing, don't feel bad, I did too. Who knows, maybe you wont find it funny at all..but the thought of putting that strange contraption on my belly so that my baby can tell me "hi" is ridiculous!!

After checking out their website I got to laughing even harder.

Not since the sonogram has there been anything so exciting for parents waiting for their child’s birth!

Oh really? Do they really think a mother needs to put a huge eyesore on top of her already incredibly swollen natural eyesore to know that her baby is in their playing kickball with her ribcage?

Priceless to Capture on a still or video camera for precious memories!

I dare someone to put that thing on my belly and take a picture...go ahead and just try it.

In a way I'm not surprised that a man invented this. A woman gets to sit around all day feeling that evil spawn kicking the crap out of her insides precious miracle making it's life known all day every day; she doesn't need a jingle bell and waving flag to make that known. So, in theory, a father would love to have that life be known to him every possible moment that the mother does.

But then I remember very vividly while pregnant with both of my kids how I would jump and yell for Will to feel my stomach everytime the baby would kick. I remember the first few days of it being so exciting for us both. I remember Will getting totally bored and then annoyed with me that I would bother him every time. And then I remember me complaining after awhile because it was exhausting and painful and even a tad annoying. The thought of either him or I getting excited over a bell ringing during American Idol every few seconds makes me laugh.

I could just see it getting slammed against a wall by my husband because it disturbed our show one too many times. Or buried in the backyard because on top of me having to deal with constant kicking and punching, I now have to be disturbed by the tinkling of bells.

So no, I will not be investing $21.95 for the Baby Shaker. But if you're pregnant and would like some peace and quiet from your husband, this may be your ticket. Just slap that baby right up on your belly and let the jingling begin. I dont think it will take long before the novelty wears off and your husband heads for the solitude of his garage. And then you'll have the TV all to yourself!

Loving father, Ken Duncan; I admire the fact that you truly loved enjoying your unborn child. I think it's a great idea...just not for most of us hormonally driven pregnant women with husbands who honestly do not want to know how often their unborn child is causing discomfort to the woman he loves.

Oh and the name itself....well I can only say that I can just imagine the internet hits your site gets.


nic said...

Okay 21.95 for that ...puleez...I think they should include important stuff in that "congrats your pregnant bag" ...like coupons for a breast lift(or in my case a breast reduction) ....my dh is constantly putting his hands on my belly and I am about to kill him ...the first pregnancy it was cute this one not so ...I am tired of someone doing cartwheels on my bladder all day and the last thing I need is my husband talking to my stomach ...in my opinion if he wants to feel a baby move in the womb he can get pregnant himself...can't you tell I am so ready to have this baby

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAOPIP!!! OMG...well, they say America is the land of opportunity. I never would have purchased that either. Bean moved CONSTANTLY and towards the end I would do ANYTHING to make her fall asleep! Great Post :-D

Diana said...

that contraption is too funny. Poor, poor man probably invented it in his own garage after his wife forbid him to come near her...

Vicki said...

I have to say that first, having a "perfect child", I can understand why you would say those comments before even seeing something. My first husband was not a nice person and pretty much didn't care when my stomach was turning upside down when our baby was in my stomach. He made me feel like he had nothing to do with the baby and I was all by myself. When our little boy kicked for the first time, I was excited, but he made the experience dreadful, He just didn't care. I am sorry if anyone has to have childbirth in that manner. I have been there. I remarried and am expecting a little girl. My new husband surprised me with the baby shaker. At first I didn't understand it until we were sitting there one night and the bells rang. I moved because I felt the baby kick me but to have my husband react out loud before I did was wonderful. If you have a family to share the experience of life with you,…….. that is what the baby shaker is about. I have friends that have experience the kicking and the movement of my little girl with me and she is not even born yet. Now instead of telling them that my baby is kicking, they too, get to be there with me. Having friends and family that care to experience this with me is the most wonderful thing I could ever imagine. I am sorry if you are pregnant and you have to carry this alone... you really don't have to be alone. I am not alone this time around.

Thank You Baby Shaker…....who ever you are.