Monday, February 12, 2007

I'm Calling For A Hibernation

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I'd love to post all about the crazy stories that happened over the weekend, but it's too painful to do. I'll just say that I spent the whole day yesterday crying...and I dont care to elaborate more than that. I will add; it had nothing to do with anything my dad did. And Hayden had a wonderful party, he was unaware of everything else going on.

Today we're bracing for the huge snow/ice storm that is expected to hit us sometime tomorrow morning. I am begging my husband to cancel work tomorrow because of it. It's going to get nasty. The last time they called for a snow/ice storm like this, parts of our town were without electricity for a week. (We lucked out and only lost it for 16 hours.) If that happens again this year, we wont be so lucky. If we lose it, we'll probably be out for awhile since we now live in a rural area.

I know I probably sound like I'm overreacting...and I really hope I am. But, I'm pregnant. And in a pregnant woman's mind...a storm that's forcasted like this, has me convinced that no one I love needs to be out driving at all tomorrow.

I'm going to go make my grocery list now. Yes, I'm planning on being one of those crazy people at the grocery story tonight stocking up on obscene amounts of food and water in case the worst happens. ( I swear, I'm usually not like's all hormones! )


Anonymous said...

AWWW! I hope everything is okay! I'll call ya tomorrow if we're not all snowed in here! Or maybe I'll just find myself my own snowdrift and call ya from there :-)