Friday, February 16, 2007


I have abdominal cramps. Tara has a fever and diarrhea. Could we have salmonella poisioning??

Honestly, I dont know, and I'm not going to the doctor to find out, because neither of us are severe enough for that. But I was on the phone with my mom last night complaining to her about how the two of us weren't feeling well. Five minutes later she called me back to tell me about the recall on Peter Pan peanut butter. She saw it on the news but didn't catch what product number to look for.

Today, before I even had a chance to check it out online, I read about it from Momma K. (Thank you, Momma K!)

Our jar has the incriminating number 2111 on the lid. So I will be tossing the jar and saving my lid for a full the above news link tells me to do. I sure hope I dont need my receipt!

This recall is also affecting Great Value peanut butter as check those lids too for the number 2111. Its followed by a longer sequence of numbers, but those dont matter. Believe me, I double checked. I didn't want to waste a whole jar of peanut butter if I could help it!

I guess this will be the end of my love for Peter Pan. I sure will miss him. He's been my favorite since I was a baby!! I just can't see myself buying it again after this. But then again, I thought the same thing about Taco Bell after their lettuce problem, and I just ate dinner from there Monday night, so I guess only time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Awwwwwww. I am so sorry! I just found out about it through Momma K, too. Thankfully I bought Skippy this time instead of GV! Hope you start feeling better soon!

Tiff said...

I hope you feel better. No one in our family likes peanut butter so we are safe.