Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Oh Hell No!

My Baby Shaker post was meant to be funny. I wouldn't want the contraption because I know how much a baby kicks when you're in your 9th month and I KNOW that the bells would irritate me. My husband LOVES me and he LOVES our children and unborn child. He really enjoyed being able to feel Hayden and Tara kick when they were inside of me...it just gets tiring after awhile..whether your the PROUD papa-to-be or the bloated expectant mother.

But apparently what my post really meants was that my husband doesn't love me and I have no family to enjoy my miracle with.

Vicki had this to say:

I have to say that first, having a "perfect child", I can understand why you would say those comments before even seeing something.

My first husband was not a nice person and pretty much didn't care when my stomach was turning upside down when our baby was in my stomach. He made me feel like he had nothing to do with the baby and I was all by myself. When our little boy kicked for the first time, I was excited, but he made the experience dreadful, He just didn't care. I am sorry if anyone has to have childbirth in that manner. I have been there.

I remarried and am expecting a little girl. My new husband surprised me with the baby shaker. At first I didn't understand it until we were sitting there one night and the bells rang. I moved because I felt the baby kick me but to have my husband react out loud before I did was wonderful. If you have a family to share the experience of life with you,…….. that is what the baby shaker is about. I have friends that have experience the kicking and the movement of my little girl with me and she is not even born yet. Now instead of telling them that my baby is kicking, they too, get to be there with me. Having friends and family that care to experience this with me is the most wonderful thing I could ever imagine.

I am sorry if you are pregnant and you have to carry this alone... you really don't have to be alone. I am not alone this time around.

Thank You Baby Shaker…....who ever you are.

Screw you, Vicki. I'm not alone, my husband loves me and I'm sorry if you picked a loser the first time around. But I didn't. And I dont appreciate you implying that I did.

Seriously, don't I have a right not to like something? Dont I have a right to tell you that I dont like the idea of something? Or that I think it's a waste of money for me? I believe I specifically wrote that you may not find the idea as amusing as I did.

That post was not an invitation to "feel sorry" for my poor alone pitiful self. I have 2 kids, a husband, 3 stepkids, a mother who lives 5 minutes away, a dad and a brother who visit from out of town, and aunts and uncles out the ass.

I couldn't be alone if I tried!


Anonymous said...

Well Said :-)

nic said...

You go girl.....didn't you post in the original blog that you had a husband who loved your kids ....what was she reading????


Tiff said...

I would have said the same thing!!!

Karen Rani said...

God - people are stupid! I like the way you told her off though. i wonder if she'll read it. Dork.

goergianblues said...

"Thank you baby shaker...whoever you are"??????
There is something WRONG with that statement, just as much as there is something wrong with calling a product Baby Shaker.
We don't SHAKE babies, who was the moron that came up with that name...let alone really stupid product.
Vicki has some issues.