Friday, February 09, 2007

Happy Birthday, Hayden!

Today my baby boy is 3. He's enjoying the fact that it's his birthday and he can not wait until his party tomorrow. He's so excited about the presents, the cake, getting to see family we dont get to see all the time, and did I mention the presents? Even his imaginary friend, Fish, is going to be in attendance.

Listening to all of his excitement, I just couldn't stop myself from reminising about the infamous 1st Birthday party that we threw for him. What H-E-L-L!

Since it was my baby's first birthday I had to go all out. I invited everyone we knew and went all out on the menu and making the cake. I was especially excited about the cake. I had made sure that for his entire first year he had never had a bite of any cake so that on his 1st birthday he'd really get to dig in and relish in his first sugar-high! I was so excited!

So the party got started at 1 in the afternoon. Of course Hayden had sensed all of my stress excitement and refused his nap before hand. Luckily we were having the party at my mom's house so she was there during the whole set up and was able to help me and keep Hayden amused while I set out the appetizers while finishing cooking the main lunch. Soon after getting all set up, our guests arrived and so did the gifts. It looked like Christmas morning in my mom's living room! Except it was ALL for Hayden!

We did the presents first and Hayden could have cared less. I wanted him to look at everything and sit nicely on my lap, but that was a joke. He spent the whole hour sitting on the floor playing with some annoying ball popping machine that a friend of ours got for him. Needless to say, it was my husband's idea to open that up before the rest of the presents were opened. I was not amused.

After presents came lunch. I was already a little pissed. Hayden was very pissed. He didn't want to sit in his high chair and he didn't want his hat on. (see above picture). As I was making up his plate, there was silence from the screaming demon behind me. I turned around to see my dad holding a fork and pure bliss written across Hayden's face.

No. He. Didn't.

I whipped around to look at my cake, only to find a forkful taken out of a corner. MY DAD HAD FED MY SON HIS VERY FIRST BITE OF CAKE! The screaming was heard even by the guests in the other rooms of the house. I was beyond mad. There was steam coming out of my ears and tears pouring out of my eyes. Who did he think he was? (you also have to know that my dad and I have a strained relationship, thanks to his drinking, and I didn't really even want him there in the first place).

In my eyes, Hayden's birthday was ruined. Ruined. I still haven't been able to forgive my dad for that. He wasn't invited to Hayden's 2nd birthday. But this year he is. I'm hoping it goes a little more smoothly since we're just having a big family dinner, instead of a party with everyone we know.

The only concern to me is dad now lives 2 hours away. So he's arriving tonight and staying through Sunday...

Heaven help us all.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to my Baby Boy! I can not believe that you are now 3. I'm scared to blink, because if I do...who knows how old you'll be when I open my eyes!


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAYDEN!! I hope You survive Jen! Have a great weekend!!