Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yard Signs

Last night as my husband, the kids and I were pulling out of our driveway a car pulled in front of us and blocked us from getting out. I thought it was someone just turned around but then the woman got out and walked up to my husband's open window.

Lady: Hello! I'm running on the Democratic ticket for County Commissioner and noticed your Obama/Biden sign and wanted to know if I could put one of my signs in your yard?

Will: Well we're just heading out..

Lady: I know but....

Will: Go ahead, we really have to go.

And we pulled around her car and headed off to the store. We get home, and there is a sign that is larger than the Obama sign. I don't know this woman. I don't know if I'm voting for her as I haven't reviewed our local candidates yet. Hell, I'm not even a Democrat, I'm just voting for Obama because he is who I believe will be the best president for this country.

So now what do I do about this lady's sign? Do I take it out of the yard until I actually decide if I want to vote for her? Do I leave it there? What if I do take it out? Will she bang down my door wondering where it went? I don't know!! We only agreed so we could leave without being held up by her speech.

What would you do?


Cant Hardly Wait said...

Charge her 50 cents an hour for ad space on your yard. =)

That sounded kind of desperate... blocking you all in your driveway like that. I would have t-boned her and went on my way, but that's just me.

Jen said...

LOVE that idea!!! You just crack me up!

Tiff said...

HMMMM i like the idea of charging for ad space. LOL!