Monday, October 27, 2008

A Little Fairy Magic?

Mama Divas are having a Tinkerbell DVD/Bluray give-a-way! I am so excited and hope I win the DVD! :) No matter what, it will become an addition to our DVD collection as Tara has so loudly requested it for Christmas! The screaming at the TV everytime the commercial comes on is a major clue!

If you love Tink as much as we do in this house...go on over and sign up to win yourself! Just click on this post's title!!!

Now speaking of fairies...I need some magical fairy dust to get me through the day! I thought this morning's coffee (that I normally DON'T drink) would have done the trick...but not so! We are officially potty-training Tara this week. By "we" I mean ME! The kids and I have only been up for 3 hours, and already Tara has "earned" 7 stickers for her "Progress Chart" but on her 5th pair of panties. I am EXHAUSTED!!! I dont know how much of this I can take.

It's so tempting to just put her back into her Pull Ups, but that would just be putting off the inevitable. She is 3 years old for heaven's sakes! She SHOULD be peeing in the potty! I refuse to have her in Pull Ups anymore. But man this is hard work! Hayden literally potty-trained himself. Having to actually work at it with Tara, is going to put me in a mental institution!

My husband keeps sending me "encouraging" text messages on my cell phone...but it's not helping at all! Really its just pissing me off! Why isn't HE here helping!? Why was he here yesterday when we started this but still I was the one running to the bathroom every 5 minutes while he talked about how "WE" were finally going to get her potty trained!?!



Cant Hardly Wait said...

haha, i think you took what I wrote wrong. I am a obama-mama.

Cant Hardly Wait said...

It's SNOWING!? Lucky you! I miss the snow. I was born and raised in New York, and now that I live in Louisiana, I totally miss it.

Jen said...

It was snowing this morning...yep! We're not quite ready for THAT!! I still feel like I should be out drinking beer on my deck....but I guess I have to more my drinking inside..not as fun though!