Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Conversation With A Future Voter

**Like the new look? Let me know!** (Sidebar is still in progress)

Last night while reading my October Good Housekeeping, Tara, who is 3, asked me what I was reading. It was an article about raising future voters. I started reading to her and asking her questions. Here is our conversation (I took notes, it was too funny!)

Me: This article talks about how we could go online to watch the candidate's ads so we can discuss whether or not they are fair.

Tara: When you eat grapes, you're eating grapes, it's fair.

Me: Okay... Um.... Do you know how old you have to be to be able to go vote by yourself?

Tara: ONE!

Me: No you have to be 18. Now, do you remember how old you have to be to vote by yourself?

Tara: TWO!

Me: No, 18.

Tara: ONE!

Me: I said 18!! Alright, do you have any idea what you have to take with you to be allowed to vote?

Tara: A bucket!

Me: No, your driver's license. Now...let me ask you... (at this point it was just plain funny for me!) Are you a Republican or a Democrat?

Tara: *covering her eyes with her hands* Don't look at me!!! Is this over?

Yes I know that she wouldn' t know any of these answer or have any idea what we were even talking about. But it was funny to hear her response and I can't wait to remind her of this conversation when she IS 18 and heading to the polls!

For now, she'll be taking her bucket and tagging along with mom and dad!


Cant Hardly Wait said...

Love the new look! =)

And that is too cute. As much as I would like big pimpin' to be a democrat, I know the right thing to do is to teach him to vote for who ever HE wants, and he can register under any party he wants. Haha.

I wonder what they'd say when they ask for my ID and I hand them a bucket... hahaha. Too funny.

Tiff said...

Tara you are too funny girlie!! Your momma is too. . i guess that's where you got it from.

Jen, She is too cute! I wonder what she's going to put in that bucket of hers to vote with? HMMMMM

Diana said...

I swear I've been covering my eyes and asking "Is it over?" lol....

Love the new layout - i could go for a martini right now. (Hey, it's happy hour somewhere right???LOL!)