Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween Past

The Fall Extravaganza is still in full swing and today we're supposed to post about "Halloween Pasts". I looked through all of my pics stored on this computer, and of course pics of my most favorite Halloween costume when it comes to my kids is not stored on this computer. Grr! But let me tell you about it anyway!

When Hayden was 8 months old we dressed him as a mechanic. It was the cutest costume ever! He had a pair of denim coveralls and I took black Halloween face paint and put smudges on his knees tushy, and little smears elsewhere like he had been working in a lot of grease and kept wiping his hands. I also put a few little marks on his face as well. It was DARLING!!

We put a hat on him backwards and my husband made a little "Our Last Name's Garage" label for his "uniform" and I made a name tag! It was toooooo cute!! Man! How I wish I had access to that pic to share!!

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Tiff said...

I don't remember that picture!!! WHen you find it will you post it!!!

Tara said...

No need for a picture....the story is adorable!!!!

MommyWizdom said...

How cute. I love it when costumes are fun!

Cant Hardly Wait said...

That sounds so cute! James was a Monkey, haha.