Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween Zoo Trip!

Still following Tiff's "orders" for this post. Today's topic is "Halloween Present" Remember, click on this post's title to head over and take part. I am SOOO hoping to win today's prize! I NEED SOME PAMPERING!!! :) Now on to the post!

Trick-or-Treat is not until this coming Friday, but we've already dressed the kids all up and taken them to the Zoo. There was candy stations, animal's smashing pumpkins, and BATMAN!

We didn't know Batman was going to be there and once we did find out we didn't tell Hayden (who chose a Batman costume this year) because the chances of actually seeing him were pretty slim.

Well we were really surprised and excited when Batman's parade came through one of the areas where we were walking. And this Batman, was THE REAL Batman! OR at least he could have been if Batman was real. We told Hayden he was though! Not that there was any doubt in that kids mind...his jaw was about to hit the cement!

So imagine our HUGE surprise when Batman got OFF OF HIS FLOAT to come shake Hayden's hand!!! I thought my husband, mom, aunt and myself were all going to pass out! It was soo cool!

Hayden is still talking about it. But he's being very "cool" about it. It's really cute! What a lucky boy!

The Kids Before Heading To The Zoo:


Batman Shaking Hayden's Hand: (bad pic, but I was too close to get them both in the screen very well)


Debye said...

Looks like you guys had a GREAT time!!

ali said...

Awww, Batman is sweet! That is so great!