Thursday, November 06, 2008

Since I Depressed You Yesterday...

...I'll try to make you make you smile today!

Here is the list of things I've done this past week that have either not cost any money, or if they did cost some money, the emotion reward was MUCH greater!

1. On Saturday I threw a surprise party for my husband's 38th birthday. It was HIS FAMILY ONLY! Something that we NEVER do! I made pizza's and hid them in the freezer in the basement the day before. I bought beer and liquor and also hid them in the basement so he didn't get suspicious. I bought presents, wrapped them in the Speed Racer wrapping paper that Hayden picked out and again, hid them in the basement. Oh and I made a cake that morning...and you guessed it! HID IT IN THE BASEMENT! He spent the whole afternoon, once he got off work, washing our cars and working on the brakes in our van. Around 4, our son(who knew of the surprise) started yelling "SOMEONE'S HERE!" As we walked around to the front of the house he saw his sister and her family getting out of their car. As his sister handed him her present. I said "Surprise, this is your birthday party!" About 15 minutes later the rest of the family showed up. He was so happy and truly surprised. I had pulled off his first surprise party of his life! I am still smiling about that!

2. Sunday morning we woke up and our 4 and 3 year old crawled into bed with us to watch their cartoons. We never do this. It was so warm and snuggly! What a great way to start out a day!

3. I taught my 4 year old son how to spell and write "Halloween". That was cool! (In the picture his writing is the bottom one.)

4. We took all 3 of our children to vote with us. Even gave the older 2 our "I Voted" stickers. They knew how important it was, and were so quiet and well-behaved! I couldn't have been more PROUD to be American!

5. My husband and I cheered when Obama was declared to have taken Ohio. Our home state! What a PROUD day to be an Ohioan!

6. I took the kids to their Tuesday morning class, "Jump & Shout"...on the way we drove past my husband's work where he was outside for his morning break. We all got to tell him "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" since Tuesday was his official birthday. It was wonderful to make him smile.

So...what things have YOU done this week that have made you happy. What things have you done that have made others happy? I'd love to hear about it all!


Lee said...

Hey Jen,
Stopping by your blog after you replied to my discussion at Mom Bloggers Club. Right on with doing some stuff that made you and others happy this week - that's what it's all about - keeping yourself happy and sane. I also have three little ones and I have to keep it SIMPLE in the world of staying happy. See ya around...

Cant Hardly Wait said...

Ummm... what have I done that has made others happy.... ? I got nothing. Because I'm the devil.