Monday, November 24, 2008

I Wish My List Looked Like Theirs!

While working on a "To Do" list this weekend, my children wanted me to make each of them one as well. I did the writing, they did the listing of things they felt they needed to do. Here are all of our lists:

"Mommy's To Do List"
1. Clean living room
2. Clean kitchen
3. Clean downstairs bathroom
4. Fold & put away clothes
5. Pack hall closet
6. Pack Hayden's closet
7. Call HVAC contractor
8. Pack & clean back porch
9. Pack 1/2 of kids' toys
10. Put dinner in crockpot

"Hayden's To Do List"
1. Rest
2. Do some push-ups
3. Eat something healthy
4. Rest a little bit more
5. Talk to Daddy when he gets home
6. Go to sleep for a little bit
7. Sit around

"Tara's To Do List"
1. Twirl
2. Exercise
3. Take a nap
4. Drink juice
5. Have water
6. Play dollies
7. Hold Kayley
8. Play with Barbies

"Kayley's To Do List" (planned by Hayden & Tara)
1. Do baby exercises - Hayden
2. Stand up - Tara
3. Relax - Hayden
4. Fly a plane - Tara
5. Take a nap - Mommy!


Tiff said...

I'm with ya there Jen. I wish my list looked like there! WIsh I lived closer so I could help you pack!

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

I wish relax could be on my list once let alone 3 or 4 times! :) be a kid again. I think kindergarten was the worries.

Milo said...

My wife is the Queen of lists. There's ALWAYS a list of things to do. They're all chores though. So, I'll go and write fun things to do on her list. Or I'll write things that I've done and then cross them out so I feel better that I did something.