Thursday, November 06, 2008


Please read TODAY'S POST below...but this is just a little extra "info" post.

**If you were in my sidebar and are now missing. I am so sorry, but anyone who has "Playlists" for their music on their blog I can not go to your site or I lose my wireless connection! I have no idea why that is...but the same thing happens when I view Myspace pages with those on. If you know how I can fix that..please let me know!

**If you'd like to follow me on Twitter...CLICK HERE!

**If you have Google Talk and would like to chat with me on that my name on there is "Mamaritaville".

Okay..I think that's it! Now READ TODAY'S POST BELOW!! :)


Catherine @ Evolving Mommy said...

I am following you on tweet away I am listening (at least I am when the kid lets me take a few to sit down at the computer!)