Monday, November 03, 2008

Halloween Recap

So Halloween has come and gone. Thank goodness! I was tired of listening to "When do we get to go get candy!" Now its a fight over when they are allowed to eat the candy. They've been begging since 7:30am today. I'm ready to throw it all away already!

While we were out it was pretty uneventful. It was the typical, "Trick-or-Treat", "Thank You!" You know the drill! But we made it to one house in particular and their grass was very high. For the most part everyone's lawns around here are very meticulous looking because we've had frost so everyone has done their final mowing and there has been little growth. Well Hayden and Tara walked up through the yard to get the candy and then came running back through the yard to Will and me waiting on the sidewalk.

Hayden took that opportunity to YELL "Why is their grass so HIGH!? Don't they know they should MOW IT!"

We just smiled and grabbed their little hands and headed on to the next house as fast as we could trying not to crack up laughing.

Yeah, not very exciting, but it was funny and I thought it was worth sharing! If you live in the neighborhood we trick-or-treat word for you! MOW!

And on another note..if you live in the United States of America...I have just one word for you as well! VOTE!!

Don't forget, if you haven't taken advantage of the early voting, tomorrow is ELECTION DAY! Let your voice be heard!!!