Thursday, November 13, 2008


Yesterday was just "business as usual" around here. Tara took a black Sharpie to Hayden's bedside table and his box springs. (She's a very destructive girl, I tell ya!) I spent the day doing all of my usual "mom" duties. But then I got an unusual phone call. From my mom. She wanted to come speak with my husband and me. Hmm...were we in trouble?

Will and I spent the hour and a half before she finally showed up wondering what could be wrong. Was it something good? Was she coming to tell us she won the lottery? Did she just want to tell us that she preferred ham instead of turkey for Thanksgiving? Was she moving to Alaska so she could become a "hockey mom"? What the hell was going on? It was torture!

She FINALLY got here. She hemmed and hawed and finally said, "Now you can say no if you want to, but..."

"I want to buy you a house."


"Now, it has stipulations. I am already preapproved. You'll have to find a house within a certain price range. You can get whatever house you'd like, although I'd like to get to be a part of the house hunting since it's always so much fun. And I'd like you to buy the house from me in 3 years for the remaining amount of the loan. You'll be paying me the house payment (taxes, insurance) monthly until then. But it would be yours."

My mom is BUYING US A HOUSE! Sorta.

I'm freaking the point that I was jumping up and down and doing a wild dance in the privacy of my bathroom last night!

I'm scared out of my freaking mind as well. What if we make the wrong choice? What if she changes her mind? What if our Realtor hates us and gets us a bad deal?

But with all of the emotions running through me right now..the one that is the most overwhelming is how much I love my mother!

Yesterday was the best day of my life! Sorta.


Tiff said...

WOW!!! I'm so excited for you Jen. I know that has been dream of yours for a long time. YAY!!!

What are we going to do with Tara! She's a stinker that one!

Tiff said...

For got to tell you! I'm having two giveaways . One for a Sinupret for Kids Gift Pack and another for Poingo Interactive Book Set.

Shynea @ Penny Pinching Diva said...

That is the best gift that anyone could give. If my parents offered to buy me a house, I think I would take it no matter what the stipulations were. LOL Happy house hunting and please keep us posted.

Take care!

Michelle M. said...

I have a friend who is doing the exact same thing right now and it is working out really well for them. Good luck!