Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Letters To Santa

My strange little children's letters to Santa:

Dear Santa Claus,

I want colorful bubbles and um, okay, and I also like a web shooter. Um, a new shirt, um, how about some new pants and some new pair of socks. I've been good this year. I like your reindeer.


I want a friend for Bunny.

Yes, I do know how to type. This is just EXACTLY how his letter was narrated to my mom last weekend when they worked on Christmas lists while Will and I were out shopping. Hayden told me when I read the letter that he included that he had been good to make sure that Santa brought him toys. And "Bunny", he's Hayden's lovey that he sleeps with every night. Aww! Oh and out of everything on his list..not that there's much(could have saved a few bucks if I had seen this first!) he did get his Spiderman Web Blaster. It was what he has been asking for since LAST Christmas!

Dear Santa,

I want a kitchen thing, I want flowers, I want a kitty and drink juice. I want a pee in the potty doll and bubbles, and that's all I need.

Your Friend,

I want a princess.

Tara got her pee in the potty doll, of course. The rest..well the kitty is coming after the tree goes down (and she knows this) and I could probably give her a cup of juice on Christmas morning and tell her Santa left it for her!

Dear Santa Claus,

I want a bottle, a teddy bear and a giraffe and duck. She would really like, how about, a little book for her. How about a elephant and that's all. I've been really good this year.

Kayley (narrated to Grammy by Hayden & Tara)

Hmm...she got her teddy bear, and a couple of books. The rest...well I dont have a shovel big enough to clean up elephant poop! Oh and she really HAS been good this year...except the temper tantrums.

Now this is what I would like for Christmas:

Dear Santa (otherwise known as Will),

I would like to sleep in every day this upcoming weekend. I would like you to make dinner (this includes meal planning and grocery shopping) for one week. I want 1 hour to take bubble bath every evening (before the kids go to bed!) for a month. I would like a gift certificate to a fancy salon to have my hair cut, colored, and eyebrows waxed. Might as well throw in a massage while you're at it. But what I would like most of a maid, a personal chef, and a nanny for 2 hours every afternoon so I can nap! That's all! I'm sure you can manage this!!

Love & Merry Christmas,

P.S. I'm getting you a carbon monoxide detector and a mailbox, if that helps you with finalizing your list!