Thursday, December 18, 2008

Have A Good Day!

I was up, showered, dressed, with hair and makeup done by 7:05 this morning. This is about an hour earlier than usual. My husband leaves for work around 6:30am and the kids and I are usually up and getting dressed by 7:30-8am. Since moving into this house...lets just say I am now up as soon as my husband is out the door. Sometimes, like today, before that. Our bathroom is right next to our daughters' room and he always manages to wake up our 3 year old.

Now I know that he "tries" to be quiet. But I really think he could try harder. If he showered at night, that would eliminate a TON of noise. If he would not open the linen closet door to get his towel and washcloth out so loudly that it actually wakes me up and I'm down the hall, this would be a good thing. And if he wouldn't RIP OPEN the tape on boxes in the hall closet looking for his winter hat when he has a hood on his coat (like he did today) THAT would REALLY make me happy!

I was so mad this morning! I mean I know that he is up and going to work and I am still in bed so that's not totally fair. But if it's a problem for him and he wishes I would get up when he does, he just needs to ask. But waking up the kids so that I have to get up. Not cool. Of course I have no evidence that he does these things on purpose, but I have my suspicions. I personally don't mind getting up early. I'm not very pleasant in the mornings, but if there is hot coffee waiting for me in the kitchen, I can tolerate it (after about my 5th cup). But having a 3 year old awake before 7am, who is now refusing naps...well that just makes for a miserable day come about 2pm.

So Tara and I were up early. The other 2 slept in until after 8am. And Tara is already rubbing her eyes and crying behind the couch because "Hayden looked at her".

Thanks, honey! Hope YOU have a great day!


beth said...

Try to remember that most men are a little dense when it comes to shwoers/noise/waking kids. It is always good to remind them how frisky you get at night when you are able to sleep quietly in the mornings!

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

I feel for ya, Luke gets up early to work out and turns on all the lights in the house and the TV to a normal (loud) volume and goes to the basement to workout. If I do my yoga dvd (almost w/ zero volume) in the dark livingroom he blames me for waking Monkey up! Men!

Michelle said...

I hear you! My husband usually is fairly considerate and I should be getting up around the time he is. Some days when I am tired and just need that extra 30 minutes of sleep I swear he snoozes 10 times on purpose, then he wonders why I am crabby!

Cant Hardly Wait said...

Ugh, I hate it when people look at me too.


Tiff said...

I don't think men have a quiet bone in there body. it's written in the vows when they marry you or something. Fine print. LOL. so sorry you got woken up!