Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm Back..Once Again

Well, I'm bringing Mamaritaville back to life!

I am no longer a coach with Beachbody. I'm actually now an Independent Consultant with Scentsy. Scentsy has given me so many opportunities, and I am not going anywhere..well except for UP, UP, UP within the company! I'll give more info on Scentsy throughout my posts, but for the most part..if you've never read this blog before, it's about my life as a mom!

Feel free to read through some of the past posts..they're old..but they're about about my family and me. Take time to get reacquainted or to get to know me. And I will start posting full time tomorrow with new updates & crazy stories!

It feels good to be back in the blogging world. I'm looking forward to getting to know new moms and to be reunited with "old" moms.

I raise my glass to you!