Tuesday, December 05, 2006

How Snot To Start Off Your Day

One of the worst parts about the weather changing is kids get sick. It seems that they are the most vulnerable to the colds that come about when the weather goes from only needing a long sleeved shirt to needing the whole winter bunting. Both of my kids are sick. As sick can be. Coughs, snotty noses and heavy breathing has taken over the sounds of giggles and squeals in my house. Fever is running wild, and I know it's only a matter of time before my slight congestion turns into the disgusting gunk that is so freely escaping from my children!

After a couple of days of trying OTC cold medicine I broke down and called the doctor today. The thought of spending $50 (a $25 copay X 2) just on the visit has my Christmas budget wincing in pain, but of course, the health of my children is worth it, right? After being told that this is moving week for my doctor's office and the receptionist was not sure she'd be able to get them in at all, I got a little defensive. I know that having a new pediatrician office will be nice, but it would be even nicer if they could take care of my kids NOW! Not next week when they are all settled. (Thank goodness we had Christmas pictures taken last month, or my family and friends would have a picture filled with watery eyes, and wet noses!)

After waiting on hold for what felt like an hour, the receptionist told me that the doctor could see them tomorrow. Unfortunatly, it's the one day a week that he practices in a neighboring town, so I'll have over a 30 minute drive there. She then proceeds to tell me that although my appointment is at 2pm, I'll probably have a long wait since they are fitting me in. If they're fitting me in, and they KNOW I'll have a wait, why not make the appointment for later in the afternoon? It makes no sense to me, but who am I?

I'm only the mother who's going to be stuck sitting there with whining kids and will receive the looks from the other mother's who are just there for well-baby checkups and ear infections. Those mothers will give me that "thank you very much for exposing my healthy child to your sick one" look. It's not something I'm looking forward to. But if it will save me just one or two nights from being awoken by the hacking over the baby monitor, I'll take it!


EC said...

Ugh, I know how you feel. I have been doing the same thing - taking care of a sick child that is. I didn't do the doctors though - because everytime I pay my $20.00 co-pay I get told that it is simply a cold and to take fluids and blah blah blah. I just took my chances this week, and although he still has a dry cough, his fever dropped finally and the snot subsided, lol. If there was heavy breathing and wheezing I would have had him in there for a second, but I figured green stuff coming out of the nose could handle a little OTC medicine.

Hopefully they will feel better tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

That sucks!! I've been one of the moms in there with ear infections lately, every.single.week for over 2 months now, so I don't mind all the sickies anymore :)

Anonymous said...

Hey girlie! Is it safe to breathe the same air now? Sorry you're going throught the sickies and even sorrier that I'm making up words that end in "ie."
Hope things are better and the laughter and giggles are in full swing again!

Anonymous said...

Hey..hope everyone is better. Miss ya online!