Monday, December 04, 2006

This Isn't Your Everyday ABC's!

Here's some things I learned this weekend during the annual crazyness also known as my husband's work Christmas Party.

A. After waxing your eyebrows, never use rubbing alcohol to get the excess wax off.

Oh that's right, I'm officially stupid. Not thinking, I used rubbing alcohol and holy hell did it burn!! I now have a very large bright red burn scab where my eyebrow hairs where...what was I thinking!?

B. Don't accuse a bartender of hitting on you without taking a good look at him first.

I slid next to my husband at the bar to order a drink the bartender came up and said "Heeyyy, how ya doing?" I had had a few by then so I decided to tell him that it is not polite to hit on a girl who: 1. Is wearing a wedding ring, and
2. Is standing next to her husband.

Turned out...he was someone that I had gone to school with since Kindergarten and he was actually just asking me how I was doing. Ugh, the humiliation!

C. Picking up girls in a bar is much harder than it looks!

Okay, so I wasn't picking up girls, but I was trying to help my stepson pick one up! Seriously, I was shot down about 20 times! Either it's a tough game, or having a guy's stepmother who looks like she's really his girlfriend is not an attractive quality to a girl!

**He did manage to get a phone number...but that was without help from me!**

D. Trusting your husband, who kicked off the night with a Corona and a double shot of Jeigermeister, with the car keys is a BAD idea!

The man lost our keys. LOST them! Luckily, my stepson had driven too and was planning on being our DD so we were able to ride home in his car. But, that was not a solution. We still had to find the keys. We dont have a spare set. W called the police station yesterday morning and our keys had been turned in. But they locked them in the Evidence Room to keep them safe, but can't get them until after 8am today. (Something to do with only detectives have the keys to that room, and none of them work on weekends.)

Apparently, in our town, crime is not a 24/7 job!

E. Dont let your keys get locked in the Evidence Room of the police station when you have to be at the airport at 6am the next day.

This is a lesson my husband learned. Since we can't get our keys until 8am this morning. I had to borrow my mom's car overnight to drive W to the airport at 4:30am this morning. And had to get back to my mom's house by 6:45am so she wouldn't be late for work. Plus, my mom was stuck with my kids overnight for the second night in a row, because she didn't want me having to wake them up that early just to ride over 2 hours in the car.

Oh what a mess!

So, another year, another Christmas party. It's a good thing there is a year to recooperate between these things! At least I looked hot...minus the eyebrow!


Anonymous said...

LMAO! Sounds like an experience!!!!

Self Proclaimed Supermom said...


Jen said...

Well..I'm glad you two found humor in it! I'm just not starting to find it all funny. That was no exageration at all...I could have probably blogged for a week to tell all the crazy stories!

You should see the pic of my husband that my stepson took on his cell phone. Lets just say it involved a statue of an eagle, and my husband pretending to be a cowboy.

How we all weren't arrested is beyond me!