Tuesday, November 28, 2006


What happens when you're trying to raise two babies, trying to keep your home spotless, keeping up with laundry for everyone in your family, planning and making all of the meals, losing sleep with a toddler who doesn't think he needs to sleep in past 6am, and at the same time trying to jumpstart a writing career? It means your blog falls behind!! And any other hobby or fun activity that you used to enjoy!

I was just telling Chris yesterday on IM that I didn't think I'd be able to blog anymore. I feel like it's taking up so much time and that time is something I should be using on writing. After all, writer's WRITE! Right? :) She said to use this as practice for my writing, but when you're trying to write for teenagers, a mommy blog is not exactly good practice. But, I did decide something last night and I'm hoping it works. I'm going to continue over at A Comfortable Home, but I'll write out the blogs weekly and just take a few minutes every day to post the appropriate one for that day. And here at Mamaritaville? Well, I think I'll have to go on semi-hiatus. Yes, I'll still blog, maybe once/week, depending on what I have to say, but it wont be how it was. I promise though to add an announcement over at A Comfortable Home whenever there is a new post over here so that you dont have to waste time coming here everyday! Although if you use Bloglines, it'll be updated every time I have something new to say!

So, wish me well with the writing, I'm taking a 2 year course and have only completed Assignment 1 as of now, and I just know that it's going to get harder, and more time consuming as I go.

See you over at A Comfortable Home!


EC said...

Well I'll miss ya for sure, but I'll keeping heading over to your other blog for so many fabulous tips!!!