Thursday, November 16, 2006

Uh, Lady? We've Got One!

So W totally straight-faced, says to me last night, "19 says his mom got a deer last night."

"Oh! She hunts?"

(Remember 19's mom is W's ex-wife)

"Well, no, she was on the deer call list." Still totally poker faced.

"What's a deer call list?"

"Well, 19 says that if you call the Highway Patrol they can put you on the call list for deer that have either been shot and ran into someone's property and died where the hunter couldn't find it, or...if they've been hit by a car and not claimed by the driver."

"So you're saying she got roadkill?"

By this point I was cracking up and W started rolling too!

"Yeah, she made 17 go with her to get it and they took it out to the farm and gutted it. Could you imagine seeing 17 doing this for his mom!?"

Insert more howls of laughter. A few snorts too!!

"Well babe, I've never heard of a deer call list, but if I had, I'd have wondered what kind of person would put themselves on, I know."

"Hey, it's free meat!"

"Ya gonna put your name on that list, cause if you are, I swear to you...."

By this point neither of us could catch our breath we were laughing so hard. Oh how my husband is glad to be rid of that hillbilly woman!


Anonymous said...

HEY NOW!!! As a HUGE fan of venison..and a hubby with no time to hunt..I'd have my name on the list! We were on the list growing up...thank you very much. I don't like his ex either. BUT..some of us have no other way of getting that yummy tasting venison!

Jen said...

Well...I still think the idea of having roadkill for dinner is disgusting!! But then again, I dont like deer I guess if I did like it then maybe....nah, I still wouldn't. BUT..her husband is a what is she doing on the list anyway?

Diana said...

Maybe her husband never catches anything and they pass the roadkill off as HIS kill...LOL! I wouldn't eat roadkill, either!