Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Voting Made Me Feel Pretty

I woke up yesterday morning with a terrible cold and fever! So of course I managed to stay in bed as much as possible with my two little monsters running around! I didn't get dressed, didn't brush my teeth, I just laid around. Around noon I flipped the TV from Noggin to our local news. AAHH!! I forgot today was Election Day!

So...there I was, feeling more miserable than I've felt in awhile and I realized I needed to get up and go vote. I managed to get my kids dressed and me looking halfway presentable and we headed out to my car. Wait! Where is my car!?

That's right, W drove my car to work. So we trudged back inside and I collapsed back into bed. I called W and after a few choice words warned him to be home in time for me to get into town to vote before the polls closed.

Around 5pm, I decided to get a quick shower so I wouldn't go out looking like death warmed over. I styled my hair, applied just a touch of makeup, put on my favorite jeans and my high-heeled boots! Damn! I look hot! Okay, so maybe that was a stretch, but I definitely felt like I was looking pretty darn good!

Finally, W made it home, I made it to the polls and survived the line! I'm happy to report that the Governer and Senator race went in my favor. Not so happy that Ohio is now a "smoke-free" state, but what do you do? I voted and at least I had my say!

Today, I'm back in my pajamas and still feeling really crappy, but I was so happy to have those few moments last night of looking good and feeling good! How American is that!?

How was your voting experience yesterday?


nic said...

well at least someone you voted for in Illinois the same old machine won AGAIN.....ugh ...I am just hoping that the governor who was reelected to his second term gets indicted soon...everyone else around him has already so I can hope right...the man is determined to bankrupt this state ...and don't get me started on the city races .....


Anonymous said...

I agree NIC! But HOORAH to everyone for voting! I even managed to throw a big enough of a fit that my best friend headed to the polls 15 min. before they closed! least I made a difference in some sort of way!

Valerie said...

I made Tony take me to the high school to vote on the way home from the wake so just because he was there he voted too. I knew that would work. I am pretty excited that Massachusetts is going to have a DEM for governor again after 16 years and our first ever African American.

knitting by Steph said...

my hubby and I took turns voting! Very few people i voted for actually won, how annoying!!!