Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Oh Hell!

Have you ever had "one of those days"? Today was certainly one of them. First off, yesterday afternoon I remembered that a month ago I had made my kids' appointment to get their Christmas pictures taken for today. So I went straight into panic mode because I had somehow forgotten to put it on the calendar and Punk needed a haircut and both kids needed dress shoes. It wouldn't have been such an issue, but my car is in the shop and I had no way to take care of any of that. Luckily, my husband took Punk to the barbershop after he got off work and my mom came out and picked me up to go buy shoes. When we got back here, my mom offered to take Punk overnight and would come back around 9am to pick up Twinkletoes and me to make the 10:10 picture appointment.

The phone rang this morning at 8:58...I was still in bed!! It was my mom calling to say she was just leaving her house. It takes her 12 minutes to get here. In that amount of time I managed to wet down and brush my hair, get dressed, wake up Twinkletoes who had kept W and I up most of the night because we think she was scared to be sleeping upstairs without Punk, get her in the bathtub and have her almost all the way dressed before my mom and Punk walked in the door.

We then had to go to Kmart because of course the shoes I bought for Punk were too small. I just wanted to exchange them, but the lady insisted on giving me my money back and making me go through the checkout line again. Because the shoes were "Buy One Get One 1/2 Off" I didn't get the whole amount of money back and when I had to pay for the new pair of course I was charged the full price. I couldn't worry about it then, but I had to go back later and get it resolved...such a pain in the ass!

Okay, so we get to the portrait studio and guess what??? My name wasn't in the book!! When I made the appointment(in person!) the lady said "Oh, you're the first person to make an appointment in November, lucky you!" Yeah, lucky me! They didn't even put me down in their book! So we had to wait 45 minutes while someone else who's name WAS in the book at the time that I had scheduled got their pictures done.

We ended up taking that time to walk through Walmart because I had a few things to pick up and what happened? Punk got diarreah and it soaked through his brand new Christmas pants. Thank GOD we were in Walmart and I was able to buy diapers since of course I didn't bring any along, and also thank God that his pants were black!!

My kids were hungry and mad and by the time it was our turn it was torture to get them to sit up and smile! We did get some good pictures, but it was sure a hassell! I then ended up spending $40 more than I had originally planned to, but by this point I SO did not care!

Afterwards, we stopped to get lunch and then left to go back to Kmart so I could get my money back...only to find that I had left my purse at the restaurant.

Yeah, it's been a great freakin' day!

On the plus side, I do have a new renter! Go over and check her out! She's got a great blog and some really interesting posts!! Go on now...she's right there on the side on her!!!


Knitting Maniac said...

Thanks for the welcome, Jen!

Sounds like you had a rough day so far!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry you've had one of those days!!!! Hope today is a better one!!! Missed ya online yesterday!

Nice to meet ya Knitting maniaczz