Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Country Living

First off, I'm back! Thank you for the emails while I was gone! Our move went pretty smoothly and it's so nice to finally start getting back into a routine again. Everything is pretty much unpacked. The kids' room's boxes and my Ebay things are the only boxes left to unpack. Woo Hoo!!

Living in the country is so nice! There's just this total sense of calm. (Although, as I'm typing this Punk is screaming and throwing himself on the floor because he wants Twinkletoes to wake up and I wont let him go upstairs to wake her!)

I dont know what it is. Maybe the fresh air or the cows? But I just am feeling completely at peace here, and very homemakerish. Yeah that's right, homemakerISH! I made it up...so what?

Since we've moved in there hasn't been a dirty dish in the sink(because I wash them, not because we're eating off paper plates!). I've kept up with the laundry! Huge GASP from my family...I am always about 4 loads behind! I've made dinner every single night without complaining. I've quit smoking! And I even took the kid's to church on Sunday. Something I haven't done for months! W couldn't go because his other kids were here...but he'll be joining us again next week. This is just the best I've felt for so long!

I dont know if it's in my blood because my mom grew up on a farm and I spent my summers on that farm with my Grandma. Or if it's just the total peace you get from fresh air, open spaces, and star-filled skys. But I am a whole new person here. And I LOVE it!


Valerie said...

I am so happy that you are happy in your new home! Bravo on quitting smoking I know how hard that can be. I am so glad you are back to blogging. I missed you while you were away.

EC said...

Well its about damn time, lol, I was going through Mamaritaville withdrawal ;)

Congrats on the smoking - WTG!

And wow! You're sure are a busy little beaver around your house, lol. Your family better be bowing down to you!!!

Daisy Mae said...

I grew up on a farm and it is peaceful. Nothing like the sound of a peaceful evening reading by the fire with the only sound being the sound of the wood crackling in the fireplace.

Good luck on the smoking thing. I quit January 24, 2001 at 11:25Pm and it was the best thing I have ever done, but the hardest too. Whenever I wanted a cig really bad I would tell myself "wait 5 minutes and if I still want one that bad then I will have it". 5 minutes later I had forgotten about it.

Babaloo said...

Hey, welcome back! Country living sounds like it is doing you a whirl of good! You'll have to teach me that laundry trick, cuz I'm constantly 2-3 loads behind.

Jen said...

I think what's helped me with the laundry is that:

1. The laundry room is right off my kitchen and I have to walk through it every time I come in and out of the house.


2. My bedroom is also right off the kitchen so it's super easy for me to just throw the clothes in a basket and take them right to my room to fold!

I think that's the only way I'm able to keep up!

Diana said...

That sounds so nice-the country living! And actually getting things done? Sooooo jealous...
Congrats on quitting smoking, hope you can keep it up.
Maybe I need to move to the country so I can have my laundry and dishes done everyday....hmmmmmmm.