Tuesday, September 12, 2006

W? W? Where Are the Boxes?

This is moving week, and there is just so much to do! Its definitely is not helping that W does not want to help me. He had the nerve to tell me on Sunday while he was watching football and I was packing Twinkletoes's room that there just wasn't much to do, so he was just going to watch the game.

HUH? Not much to do!?

I've packed the living room(sorta) , dining room and now Twinkletoes's room. Every other room in the house needs packed and that was our last weekend home together to do anything. Saturday was consumed by Twinkletoes's birthday party, but all day Sunday was supposed to be packing. Oh that man makes me so mad!

He also could have called to get our phone/internet/satellite services set up, but did he? Nope. I did it yesterday.

Moving sucks, and it's getting worse. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, on top of having this house to pack, I need to be at the new house to paint the bathroom, tear down the border in the living room and put up the new one, and clean the whole place to my liking. Where's W going to be? Work. Will he leave one hour early those days to help me? No.

I got my revenge though...I found a border that I LOVED for the living room and bought it. It cost almost $100! He about had a heart attack, but a little crying and voila...I get to keep my border!


EC said...

I love your design! I haven't seen you around, but I will definately stop by. You have some interesting posts there :)

Wtg on wrapping the husband around your little finger with the border - my kind of woman!!

Diana said...

Ah, the power of tears. They don't work on my hubby, I need something else...

Suburban Turmoil said...

Awesome revenge!