Saturday, September 02, 2006

We're Gonna Win!!!

Today'd be da day!! What day is that do you ask!? The kickoff of OHIO STATE FOOTBALL!!!!! WOOO HOOO!!!

(If you're a Michigan fan, please quietly exit out the side door!)

I bought a new necklace for the occasion:

Punk got dressed in his OSU jersey his PaPaw(my dad) bought him before he had even turned one. Its a size 6...he'll be wearing it for many games to come!

I even hung my flag in the garden. Stood outside in the rain, I did, I did!!

My husband had better be in his OSU garb, but I haven't seen him yet(he's still at work).

The kids and I are headed to Walmart here in a few minute to buy Twinkletoes an outfit...she outgrew hers from last year.

Oh yeah, baby! Can't wait for KICKOFF!! Is it 3:30 yet!?


Diana said...

How cute he looks in his jersey! Buying a size six was smart, papaw knew he would be wearing it year after year...
We are a baseball family here, and with us it's the Yanks. My son has jerseys, jackets, hats, and almost a pair of sneakers! (all from my dad)

Babaloo said...

We are into hockey over here. SJ Sharks baby! Hubby is a die-hard Raider fan. Not much into college football, but I hope your team rocks and has a great season!

Jen said...

If I wasn't an OSU fan, my dad's side of the family would TOTALLY disown me!

We're NFL fans too...but we're for the Browns(again, I'd be disowned if I wasn't a fan) and my husband is a Tampa Bay Bucs I married into that!

I like hockey...but hubby dosn't so I never watch it!