Friday, September 01, 2006

Perfect Post: August

This is my first time presenting a Perfect Post Award! I've enjoyed reading every month over at Momma K's and Lindsey's. Finally, I got up the courage to join as a presenter. It was just as tough as I'd imagined it'd be. There are just too many good posts out there!!

This is the one that stuck out to me. The Queen of Spain has decided to stand up for mommy's everywhere and our habit of dropping the F-bomb, and some of the other swear words that we may let slip out(Hayden's picked up on "Oh Dammit!" and YES, it was MY fault. Just ask my husband, he wont let me forget it!).

I couldn't have agreed with this post more and it sure was fun to read! Definitely the reason why I love her blog so much!

So go over and read:

The Post Where I Cuss, But Only For Emphasis

...and see why I awarded this post my Perfect Post for August!!


Zeus said...

I think even mothers are allowed to drop a swear word every now and then once in awhile. I can't imagine how trying that must be when the only word that fits the sitation before you is f***, but you can't say it. How funny!

Wendy sent me!

Nut's mom said...

Great minds think alike! I love the queen.

I'll be back!