Thursday, August 31, 2006

We Got It!

We got our country home!! I'm so excited. We'll be able to move in probably mid-September! It's going to be complete craziness around here for the next couple of weeks!

Twinkletoes is going to be one on September 7th and her birthday party is September 9th. We're going to have it at this house. I'm hoping it'll be nice because I really need to have everyone outside since inside will be filled with boxes ready to move.

My mom saw the new house yesterday(just driving by) and she loved it! Punk keeps calling it "the white farm" and is thrilled to get to "live with the cows"!! This is going to be so fun!

I think I'm most excited about having a big kitchen. It's not huge, but it's MUCH bigger than what I have now, and I really need that since I cook all the time! I just can't wait to get moved!!!


Babaloo said...

Congratulations! Although, I guess now all the hard work begins? Oh well, it will be great once you're all settled in w/ that big kitchen!

Jen said...

Yep! That big kitchen so I can continue to out-cook my secret competitor!! LOL!

Valerie said...

Congrats! That is such awesome news. I can't wait for the day we get a new place.

Just Me said...

YEY!!!! Congrats Jen!! I am sooooooo happpy for you! Just remember how excited you are about those cows when they wake you up every morning at dawn! LMAO. HORRAY!!!