Friday, August 11, 2006


I came across these two posts today.

Life in Forsyth: Get Up Stand Up

The Queen of Spain: McEvil Teams Up With McEvil-er

Seriously, read them then come back and tell me what you think. I just dont get it.

Seriously. Dont. Get. It.

Just yesterday we had that playdate at McDonalds. Punk got one of the Hummer toys. He played with it, Twinkletoes played with it. Every other kid in the room who had received a Hummer were playing with them. I didn't notice any of the mother's upset by that. Not a one.

I dont know what it is. No one has a problem with Hot Wheels selling their tiny real-life car models. I dont think that McDonalds has tried to scheme parents into buying a Hummer. I really dont. Maybe I'm ignorant, I dont know. I just think it was a way to get more kids to want a Happy Meal because of the "cool truck".

Hell, I thought it was so cute that I want to take Punk back next week and see which one we get next!! We had fun playing with his H1 and it's retractable winch! But I'm not going to go buy a Hummer. And I am not going to boycott McDonald's.

Now, check out this picture of the McDonald's we saw in North Dallas, as we were leaving to go home. It was freaking awesome!! We didn't go in but through the glass could see the chandeliers and fancy decor. Plus they had a McCafe, with AWESOME vanilla lattes!! (I've been dying to blog this pic, but never had the right moment(and yesterday I was too tired!)


Sallie said...

I didn't see the first post calling for a boycott of McDonald's? In fact, her post seemed sort of funny, like, "Look, I raised my kids as individuals, and now they won't sell out to ME." She didn't accuse McDonald's of anything, though, and she still bought the Happy Meals.

The second one is ranting, though.

Karen Rani said...

I gotta agree with Erin (the Queen of Spain) - it's nuts. McDonalds is one of the worst things wrong with America - Hummer is in that list too.

Jen said...

Sallie - I know that the first one didn't want to boycott McD's, I just was referencing to it because it was another post that was upset about the Hummer affiliation.

Babaloo said...

Hmmm... I hear socialist countries aren't doing to well economically these days. I'll stick with capitalism, thanks.
Besides, the day a major purchase such as a luxury car, is influenced my my kid's Happy Meal toy, is the day I hand over power of attorney.

NeverEnough said...

Some bitches grip about the most trivial things... It's sad really. I just ignore those people. One day their husband will die, they'll be stuck with a 4 and 6 year old to take care by themselves and they'll wonder why in the hell they ever complained about life before...

Lady E said...

Just popping in from the new gossip page. I am totally with you on this one.People get all bent out of shape at the dumbest things.

Samantha said...

Jen, I'm with you, my kids get a happy meal, play with the toy for five minutes, move on to something else, go back to mcdonalds, get the "newest edition" of the toy, play with it for five minutes, move on to something else, etc..
I am NOT going out and buying a hummer today or anytime in the near/far future!