Monday, August 21, 2006

Family of Four, no...FIVE!

Well my stepson has "moved in". He's 19, graduated from high school in June and is now working for my husband. So since he lives an hour away he's staying with us for the time being.

I like my stepson. He's responsible, picks up after himself, helps with the little ones, and is very polite. Plus he cracks my shit up! I know you're not supposed to play favorites with your kids....but I have three stepkids, and he's my favorite! I think since they're stepchildren, it's okay...isn't it? I dont tell them that he's my favorite, it's just my own personal secret..and I guess everyone else's now too! At least those that read this blog.

Here's my only dilema. He stayed with us for a week last winter while he was helping W out at work. It was fine at first, but by the middle of the week. I swear I was totally ignored by W. He had his son here to buddy around with and they'd watch what they wanted on tv. They'd talk all evening. I was totally left on my own. It was lonely. And sad.

So now, my stepson is here for who knows how long. And I'm really worried I'm going to have those same feelings again. I tried telling W about it last winter, but he laughed at me. Really, he did. He thought I was being silly. Already I can't sit in my spot in the living room. W's let his son have the couch and him and I have to sit on the loveseat. So not comfy!

I dont know. I'm happy my stepson is here. I'm glad he's not staying with his mom and stepdad anymore(they're horrible people). But I will look forward for him to save up enough money to get his own place.

I am going to have to talk to my husband though and make sure that he doesn't ignore me comepletely, like last time. I dont want to interfere with father/son bonding. But, it's not fair to me either, when it gets to the point where our relationship is sacraficed...


Babaloo said...

Encourage the relationship, it is important to both of them and they will both respect you more. Of course pick your battles, you need to stand up for yourself and demand your time if that line is ever crossed.

Jen said...

Thanks. I do really want them to have their bonding. It's been hard for Will to be away from him. They exactly alike and the best of friends. It's just hard for me to get used to having another adult in the house. Especially one that my husband would rather hang out with than me! ;)