Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Just Crown Me the Winner!

Yesterday I was not feeling well. At. All. My husband called me late in the afternoon to tell me not to worry about dinner, he'd make something when he got home. I already had a meal planned so I thanked him, but told him I had it under control. I made pork fried rice (just click on the link, follow the recipe and add some chunks of cooked pork loin(I fried it before starting the rice) and voila...dinner!)

We were all sitting together eating dinner (W, his son 19, Punk, Twinkletoes and myself) and everyone was scarfing down their food. Even Miss Twinkletoes couldn't get it in her mouth fast enough! My husband, who truly appreciates my culinary talent, said to 19, "We sure dont eat anything boring around here do we?" 19 agreed and went on to talk about how much he loves Chinese food and how he'll always get the fried rice when he goes out to eat it. I jumped in to share how cheap it had been to make since I found a great pack of thick pork loin for only $5 at Kroger.

19 looked at me and said, "So you cooked the pork yourself? Its not just packaged?"

W answered and said, "No, she made this totally from scratch, everything from the veggies to the fresh ginger she chopped up herself!"

19said, "Wow, you said she was sick, so I just figured this was one of those frozen packaged meals! This is GREAT!"

Every last grain of rice was eaten last night. I was filled with homemaker pride!! My husband knows I can cook, and usually when I'm sick I dont. But I had this recipe planned and decided just to stick with it. I'm so glad I did.

See, I never say anything about my husband's ex. But she's not a very motherly type of person. She doesn't cook. She doesn't clean. At all. They go to her mother's house every night for dinner. And her mother is not a very good cook either. W thought he hit the jackpot with me. Not only did he get him a hot, young wife. But (shock!) a wife who enjoys cooking and is actually GOOD at it!!

Because my stepkids aren't around that much they dont really know what I'm like day in and day out. I think 19's impressed. And that makes me happy because, although he's accepting of me being his dad's wife, I dont think he every really got what a good wife I was to him. And now he knows.

So tonight, after the laundry, vacuuming, baking a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies....it's Cuban for dinner!!

Did I mention that I LOVE that my husband thinks I'm WAY better than his ex-wife!?

Should I let it go and stop making it a one-sided competition in my head? Probably.

Will I? Uhhh, NO!


Babaloo said...

My husband's ex is a psycho. I win that competition too, whether it is only in my head or not! The pork fried rice sounds awesome. Glad it was a hit!

Andrew said...

That must be tremendously satisfying, on more than one level, like you mentioned.

To Love, Honor and Dismay

Diana said...

that sounds sooooo good. You just made me want to gobble my lunch up extra early...

Chris said...

You should be so proud! Congrats on doing such a wondeful job!

Kristen said...

I'd do the exact same thing if my boyfriend had an ex wife- in fact, I do the exact same thing to myself over his ex girlfriends! LOL. P.S. I LOVE CUBAN!