Friday, August 18, 2006

Opinions...Everyone's Got One!

You know, I've always been a "nice" blogger. I try not to go to other people's blogs and stir up trouble. Even when I dont agree, I usually wont post, I just let it go.

In fact my McEvil? post was the most controversial thing I think I've ever done since I've been blogging. But you know what, I liked how I felt after that post. I felt like I had shown something a little more about myself than I had before. Some of you agreed with me(which I LOVED) and some of you didn't. But did I email you and harrass you about it? No. Did I email the people who made the original posts and harrass them because I disagreed? No.

It's not a personal attack when you disagree with someone's blog entry, it's a matter of opinion. They're like assholes, everyone's got one. (I hope!) I love blogging so much because I get to be me. And I started this new blog identity so I could REALLY be me. The me who I am inside. On the outside a lot of people see me as mommy to Hayden and Tara, and yes that's a HUGE part of who I am, but it's not all that's in there.

Okay, so back to my point. I've always been a "nice" blogger. I never leave negative feedback. Ever. But that was the insecurity in me. Thinking that I wanted everyone to like me and why cause waves? Well. With this new identity. I want to be me. I want to tell people I dont agree with them. And if they dont like it. THAT'S OKAY. But dont go emailing me privately and blasting me.

I left a comment on another mommy blog about the fact that I disagreed with her post. I will not go into all the details, but I thought what she did was wrong, and I told her.

I did not think I was being rude..just stating my opinion. We all need to remember that when we post stories about our lives out in cyber-world, not every person who reads your stories will a)like them and b)agree with them. Remember, it's all a matter of opinion. But instead of her taking my comment as what it was, my opinion...she then sent me a PERSONAL email that ended with this paragraph:

I would encourage you not to leave rude comments on people's blogs
that you've never even been to before. My blog is open for all kinds
of discussion....but I will not be repremanded on it! I've gone to
many blogs and read many posts that I didn't agree with, I did not
however leave rude wanna know why??? Because it's not
my place.

Thank you.

She then proceeded to go to another website and personally attack me. Saying I was crying because she emailed me., not crying, again, just having my own opinion.

So maybe you'll all read this post and think, well she is crying or she wouldn't have bothered to make a post out of it! But I hope not. I'm just doing my thang. Blogging about what I want. You can agree with me or not. But I promise you, I will not send you a personal email attacking you because you dont agree with me. I dont want a bunch of Stepford Bloggers reading my little blog.

Dont kiss my ass. Dont flatter me to get me to put you on my blogroll. Be real. Be raw!! Let me have it if you hate a post. I want to hear it!


Crazy MomCat said...

My son was thrilled to get the Hummer! We don't own one and never will if I can help it. I drive a gas guzzling SUV already and hate the cost of it and am ready to downgrade.

I like the fact that you are not afraid or turned off by hearing a different point of view. As long as it is a tactful argument, I'm all for that as well.

Visiting you from Babalooooooo today. Glad I stopped by!

Karen Rani said...

Wow. Just wow.
Some people.

I cannot see you being rude. And yes, I agreed that the Hummers were over the top, thereby disagreeing with you, but I would never be rude to you because I disagreed - that just stupid!

Obviously it was a misunderstanding and someone got her over-sensitive panties in a knot. Geez.

And yes, you ARE a nice blogger - but don't ever hold back. Say what you want, babe!

Karen Rani said...

Okay I meant that's just stupid.

Apparently I am stupid. LOL!

Babaloo said...

Ha Ha Ha... good post. You are more than a nice blogger, you are a nice blogger with balls!

Be as rude and controversial as you want... As long as you are still serving margaritas, I'll come back! (Besides I am very loyal to those that drunk blog me ;-) )

Diana said...

My osn went to McD's the other day with my the Hummer. He loved it. He LOVES CARS. Just because he gets a car in almost every Happy Meal (because hello? Hot wheels is in htere 50% of the time) doesn't make me want to go out and buy every car. I have a theory- thank you McD's for saving me money on buying Hot Wheels every time I go to the store. I don't give a sh*t what toy comes in the happy meal, as long as it makes him happy for at least five minutes. And that e-mail...she musta been upset about something else. I don't see why she had to e-mail you.

Diana said...

Alright, I can't spell today. I should have read that before posting it! OOPS!

Valerie said...

ok what I have to say to that lady is FU. Who cares tht she doesn't like what you posted in her comments. if that is the case she should close comments on her post.

Mama G said...

That's the beauty of blogging ... we all get to have our own opinions and we have the option of sharing our opinions with others. If my opinion differs from yours, that's okay. Free. Fucking. Speech. (sorry for the cursing) - BTW, today is my first visit to your blog and I abolutely love your theme. As a huge Buffett fan, I'm kind of pissed at myself for not thinking of it first.