Thursday, September 14, 2006

I Have Proof!

I've been busy with all the packing preparing us for our move. After packing up the living room the other day, I looked a round feeling such a sense of accomplishment. Then I glanced at our fireplace mantle.

This had been the focal point of the living room. I kept a framed wedding picture with the frame matting that all of our wedding guests had signed. There was a shadow box with our wedding invitation in it that a friend had made for us. And our champagne flutes. It may seem silly to display all of that, but they're so simple and elegant and I hated to box them up!

So, glancing at the mantle I was completely taken aback. My beautiful wedding decorations, symbolizing our marriage and commitment to each other, was replaced by this:

I now feel like I'm living in a Frat House! Yes, that's Jegermeister. Yes, its my husband's. I TOLD you he wasn't helping me!!!


EC said...

LOL! Thats my favorite shot to do, so I think that would be great to have on my mantle ;)

Babaloo said...

I was so scared you were going to say the shadowbox with all the precious wedding memories got damaged!
As for the Jeger on the mantle? I'm speechless. Good luck with the move...hope you get some help!

Jen said...

Erin-its the only shot I can do...but i've had one too many on too many occasions so I never drink it anymore!!

Babaloo-nothing was damaged! Thank goodness!! Also, it's really not as bad as it looks. The night before I had packed he did a couple shots and of course was too lazy to put his bottle was there when I packed and was the only thing left in the room besides the furniture. But...he's still not helping Jeger or no!