Monday, October 02, 2006

Adventures In Parenting

I have to apologize to Valerie!! She's my renter this week(what's left of it) and I didn't even introduce her!! I promised her a post on Friday, but I really wanted to get that Alzheimer's information out there and leave it up for the weekend!!

So, Valerie, I'm very sorry!! Valerie's blog is her everyday stories that she chooses to share with us in the blog world. She covers a wide range of topics...heck up on her blog right now you can read about ghosts, Clomid, and sweating!! If that doesn't hook you than I dont know what will! ;)

So go! Tell Valerie Jen sent you and you may just get a surprise*!

Back to regular blogging tomorrow! But today is all about Valerie and her Adventures In Parenting!

*the surprise being the satifaction of supporting another blogger by visiting her site!


Valerie said...

Thanks for the nice write up!