Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mr. Sensitive?

Punk is such a sweet boy. He is very sensitive to other's feelings, and if someone is anything but happy, it really upsets him. In the past couple of days there's been a two examples of how he deals with things when someone is physically hurt. Let me share those with you...

Twinkletoes and I bumped heads. You'd have thought it was the end of the world for her because she screamed and screamed. Hayden came rushing over and this is what happened:

I need to fix her!! First I need to listen to her heart. He proceeds to put a Mega Block on her chest.

You are so smart! Now what do you have to?

I need a wrench!!

Okay so he was little confused about the actual process of how to fix someone. But how smart is that, that he knew that the first thing a doctor normally does is listens to someone's heart!! Oy! I was so impressed!!

Okay, next example. He ran out of the house yesterday when I was in the kitchen. I heard the front door slam and I took off running after him because we live on a State Route and I didn't want him going down by the road. (He was only heading over towards the cow fence to "say hi" to them, thank goodness!)

It had been raining all day yesterday and I got to the edge of the porch just getting ready to run down the steps and my feet slipped out from under me and I landed on the cement step, and my hip slammed into the hard wooden porch. (I'm still in terrible pain and all swollen and bruised!)

Well of course I started to cry and Punk by that point was running up because I must have screamed when I fell. He was yelling at me!!

Mommy, you're NOT hurt! Dont cry!!! STOP IT MOMMY!!

Then he proceeded to start smacking me in the face.

YOU'RE NOT HURT!! DONT CRY!!! do I rank. His baby sister gets hurt and he is all about fixing her up. I, his mommy, gets hurt, and he just wants to smack the sense back into me!

How do your kid(s) react to other's when they are hurt or sad?


EC said...

That was so sweet of him to try to "fix" his sister... now smacking you? Well, he meant well ;)

My son doesn't try to fix me, but he cries with me. He is so sweet, when I get hurt (like the time I tripped and fell down the stairs, talk about pain!), he started crying and saying "Is mommy happy yet? Mommy be happy". He always tries to give me a hug when I cry, he is one of those sensative children too, I love it!

I hope your hip feels better - that must have really been painful (as I'm writing this I'm wincing for you, lol)

R*belle said...

Hi! Love the blog. My little 2.5 year old, Beaux, will go to his 1.5 year old sister, Bella, and say, "Don't cry baby! Don't cry! I fix it and give you a kiss!" Melts my heart every time, even when he was the one that caused the crying.