Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Passing Notes

Dear Zak,

I know you saw me because I saw you look away when I looked your way. You could have at least smiled in acknowledgment instead of acting as though I wasn't there.

Yes, I know your kid was a little angel. I saw the way he was gazing into your eyes and the two of you were cooing at each other. Believe it or not, my kids used to do the same thing. Just you wait. It wont be that long before that little angel will be like my one year old and will be up on it's knees backwards in the bucket of the cart grabbing at everything it can get it's little hands on and throwing it on the floor. And before you know it you'll be wishing for those days because then he'll turn into a two year old like mine and will be screaming "I WANT CANDY!!!!" for the whole world to hear while running away from you and grabbing things off shelves that you then have to pry out of his hands only to induce more screaming.

So, I know you were thinking, "Thank God I broke up with her when I did in the 5th grade so I didn't get stuck with those terrible kids. What a horrible mother she must have turned out to be." Yes, I know that's what you were thinking, and you can go right on ahead and think that. Because in another year when I see you and your ex-angel now devil-toddler in the store and he's getting disapproving shaking of heads from strangers, I'll look your way and smile. I'll smile a smile that will tell you, "Don't worry, everything is going to be okay, it's just a stage. You are not a terrible father."

Then maybe you'll regret ever having judged my parenting. Because I know you did!



Valerie said...

You know I try really hard not to judge other parents because you never know. Hee hee he is going to get his soon though huh?

EC said...

LOL - It is such a shame he broke up with you in the 5th grade, but I'm sure he has been pining away for you ever since, that is why he was so sad he had to look away! :)

Diana said...

You know, all my friend's kids are younger than mine, and every time my son does something to give them that horrified "OMG he's so bad!" look on thier faces, I just say "You just wait." It's my new mantra, because ALL KIDS GO THROUGH THIS!
Loved your letter, very fitting for those judgemental a**holes out there.