Friday, October 13, 2006

My Apologies!

Lately, I have been an awful blogger! I think it's because of the dial-up. It just take too much time to get online these days and so I haven't really devoted much time to my blog, or to reading everyone else's blogs that I normally LOVE to read.

Dial-up is really sucky, and I dont know how much more of it I can take!! Half of the time whatever I'm trying to look at ends up timing out because things take too long to load. It's getting really ridiculous! So, I just wanted everyone who reads my blog to know that I am trying to update my blog, but it's not happening like it used to. I

have been working on a new blog project, but only on paper, because actually putting it all online right now gives me half of a panic attack just thinking about the time it's going to take. Not because there's THAT much to put up...but because it will take














So, if you've noticed that I haven't been stopping by your blog much or that I'm not commenting. It's nothing personal. It just is taking too much time, and I do have a couple of kids to raise! ;)

We're heading up towards Cleveland tonight to go visit my Dad and Aunt and Uncle. I have that Alzheimer's walk tomorrow up that way and so we'll be staying with them through Sunday.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


EC said...

Enjoy the walk tomorrow, hope you raised a ton of money for your cause!!!

I might have to dial up too depending on how many days I have to go without dsl, I just have to figure out how desperate I am, lol.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Dial up sucks.

I'm so sorry.