Friday, October 06, 2006

I'm Married!

After almost two years I have finally officially become my husband's wife.

Alright, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but not much. I had never went back to the courthouse after our wedding to get a copy of our marriage license so that I could do all the official "stuff" with it. driver's licence, bank account, social security card all still had my maiden name on it.

I also had never went to have my rings sized. I've been wearing them with a bandaid wrapped around them to keep them from falling off.

Wednesday, I took my kid's to my mom's and got all of that done!! So now I have a driver's license with my married name and my bank account is changed (I even ordered new checks), I still have to make in the SS form, but I'll do that next week. And I dropped my rings off to be sized! He bought me a size 7....I'm a size 5.

It's was really hard handing my rings over. They're not super fancy, but that's not what matters, it's what they stand for. I already feel like I'm missing a piece of myself by not wearing them. If they were to be lost forever, oh that would be so sad!

My husband of course had to tease me that it took me 1 year and 8 months to decide that I actually wanted to commit fully to him. I guess he thought I never did all of that stuff so that if I were to change my mind it would be easier to go back to "my old life".

After almost 5 years being with him, and 2 kids later....going back to my old life...could never happen.

How long did it take you to do all of the little formalities after you were married? Was it hard letting go of "the old you"?


Absent.Canadian said...

Coming from a guy, this may sound a bit funny ... but I never thought of getting married as "letting go of the old me". My wife and I are the same people that we were before; we're simply walking through life together now.

As for the rings. My wife and I attended a wedding two weeks ago, and the bride's wedding band was lost not two days after the wedding. Hopefully, they won't forget that the marriage itself is far more important than the wedding.

EC said...


It's always the "little" things that you put off in life. It is funny how that works, but I'm so happy for you for finally doing it, lol. It was almost 6 months for me before I did all that stuff. I felt married, so I always just put it off before I realized that it was something that I really wanted!

Glamorous Redneck said...

I took care of the little things right away. But that was because I'd spent the last 7 years hyphenating my legal last name with my step dad's last name. Getting married brought me down from 11 letters to 4. And I could actually fit it all on the signature line of my checks! :)

I LOVE the title of your blog!

Valerie said...

Congrats! It took me a long time too, you would think with a maiden name like hidfjbifuski I would be running to the DMV but no I just waited and waited.

Daisy Mae said...

Actually my daughter got married but didn't get married until 3 months later so I am familar with this.

She went to a wedding chapel where everything is included in one large price. She assumed that meant the marriage license as well. (silly girl). So moments before she walked down the aisle she argued with the minister about his not having the marriage license. He finally agreed to marry them but told her she had 7 days to bring the marriage license in and he would sign it.

3 months later she finally went to the court house and got the license and a couple of days after that went back to the court house and got married ina civil ceromony. She she's been married twice I guess you could say. They celebrate both anniversaries. I say she just wanted double the presents.