Thursday, October 26, 2006

My First Time...

My first time was set into motion my senior year in high school. Interest is actually doing it was fueled by lots of encoragement by my Senior Social Studies teacher. He taught us how to be educated over our choices. How to get behind closed curtains and do it right.

It was the year 1999, and we spent the first whole part of the school year (all leading up to that first Tuesday in November) studying the primary candidates for the 2000 Presidential Election.

What did you THINK I was talking about?

Although I was only 17 at the time, I was able to vote in the primaries because I would be 18 by the time of the 2000 election. We were able to register to vote right from our classroom desks. We had posters made up for all of the candidates and their views on all of the issues all around the classroom.

I remember the feeling of what it was to truly be an American the day I walked into the polling office(which happened to be the music room in the elementary school I attended as a child). Talk about full circle. I walked out of that school heading to the middle school. Feeling scared and not wanting to leave. And when I walked back in...I was an adult. Filled with pride for my country.

I'm writing this for you all today for the organization Women's Voices. Women Vote. In the last election 20 million woman who COULD have voted DIDN'T! If you are one of those woman you need to check out this site. A huge reason why women dont vote is that they dont feel as though they are informed. This site will FIX that!! Get informed, get registered(you can register from the site also), and get voting!! You need to vote to make a difference.

If you are a woman who does vote and would like to encourage other women to get out there and vote. Visit the site. There's so much info!! And lets Mommy Bloggers pull together and get our voices heard!



Valerie said...

I agree women need to get informed and go out and vote. My motto is you can not complain about our leadership if you did not care enough to vote.

Jen said...

That's my motto too!! I can NOT stand it when people trash our president or our government and when you ask them, who they voted for they proceed to say they didn't!

Anonymous said...

Great Blog Jen! I think I'll steal some idea from it for my next blog :-D Hope ya don't mind! And I am so glad you're getting the topic out there.

Jen said...

Chris, you wont be stealing the idea! You're supposed to blog about your first time. If you go to the website they give you the code for the "My First Time" icon.